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Low fly zone

Have we even mentioned this frankly mind-blowingly amazing new Theophilus London ‘joint’? It’s called ‘Flying Overseas’ and features Solange and Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion. Well, it now has a video and it’s similarly amazing, with some brilliant visual flourishes and a cool, laidback feel to it that suits the song perfectly.

How brilliant are Solange’s vocals on this by the way? Mmm hmm, that’s what I’m talking about, etc.


New Music Monday

Wow, so last week all three of our choices crashed into the Top 3, making it our most successful week, EVER! Only, this didn’t happen. We’re being sarcastic. No, absolutely bugger all happened last week, with all three of our choices missing the Top 100 (hell, they could have missed the Top 250 for all we know). Granted, the picks were hardly likely to set the world alight, but still, we don’t like being ignored. Let’s see if these bad boys fare any better…


Record Collection by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

There’s so much to dislike about Mark Ronson. The quiff, the suits, the smug grin, the model girlfriends, the sense of superiority. But, you know what, the guy knows what he’s doing and when he’s on form, he’s a brilliant producer. So, the follow-up to the ubiquitous covers album, Versions, features a host of guest talent, from rappers Theophilus London, Wiley and Ghostface Killah to crooners such as Rose Elinor Dougall, Boy George and Simon Le Bon, not to mention songs written by the likes of Cathy Dennis, one of Mystery Jets and the singer from The Drums. Sure, some of it is dated (there’s a painful D’Angelo song that could have been so much better), but most of Record Collection is stylish pop at its best.


Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter

Deerhunter’s fourth album follows lead singer Brandon Cox’s excellent Atlas Sound solo project and its the spectre of that album that hangs over Halcyon Digest. Each song comes with a strange fragility, as if it’s all about to unravel and yet it’s also their most confident set of songs. Tracks like Helicopter, Earthquake and the closing He Would Have Laughed (dedicated to the late Jay Reatard), are amongst the most beautiful things they’ve done. It’s not immediate, but it’s worth all the effort, trust us.

Also worth mentioning this week are Salem‘s King Night and Everything In Between by No Age.


‘Cold War’ by Janelle Monae

We recently went to see Janelle Monae play a ‘gig’ and during her set she did the moonwalk. Now, there’s a very short list of things a pop star need do in order to elevate his or herself into the upper echelons of our respect-o-meter, and doing the moonwalk ranks pretty highly. Needless to say, she could have pulled her trousers down and shat on the stage and we would have walked away still proclaiming her a bit of a genius. This amazing song only confirms it even more.

New Music Monday

Another week has gone by in the (not as busy as it used to be) world of music purchasing, and lo and behold the albums we picked failed to set the charts on fire. Summer Camp‘s was an EP so we’re not even sure if it’s chart eligible and The Like would need a miracle of some kind to be on anyone outside of London’s radar. (We didn’t pick the Hurts album because of the disappointment, but it did chart at no. 4, which is pretty impressive nonetheless). The Bjork single was nowhere to be see EVEN THOUGH IT’S FOR CHARITY. Children in Pakistan are dying because of you, basically. Anyways, enough of the negativity, let’s get some love in the room…


Body Talk Pt 2 by Robyn

We oversaw the premiere of this album on The Guardian website last week and had to defend it against a gluttony of dimwitted twonks harping on about how it’s all manufactured “pop pap” and that it’s made by idiots for idiots, etc, etc. It was exhausting, but worthwhile, because Body Talk Pt 2 – the second part of an audacious plan to release three albums in 2010 – is quite simply a brilliant album, regardless of genre. In just 8 tracks it covers love, lust, heartbreak, arrogance, ego, fear and heartbreak again. Now, you don’t get that from some indie band dressed like Top Man mannequins do you?


Maximum Balloon by Maximum Balloon

You may be saying; who the fook is Maximum Balloon? To which we would reply; it’s Dave Sitek. You may be saying; who the fook is Dave Sitek? To which we would reply; the producer behind albums by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, Liars, Holly Miranda and even that Scarlett Johansson one that’s actually pretty good. Oh and he’s the guitarist and producer with TV On The Radio. If you are still unsure then why are you reading a music blog? Anyways, Maximum Balloon features an amazing roll-call of guests – Theophilus London, Karen O, David Byrne, to name just three – and is a brilliantly conceived collection of woozy, slightly off-kilter pop.


‘Hang With Me’ by Robyn

Yeah, what? If there’s a better single out this week then we’ve yet to hear it. Just buy this or there will be hell to pay, mmmkay?

Friday catch up!

Things have been rather busy of late and it’s caused us to miss a couple of things.

Firstly, Theophilus London‘s new mixtape, I Want You, has finally been released and that’s the artwork below. You can download it for free from here, and a very good listen it is too.

FACT: The cat in the picture belongs to TV On The Radio‘s Dave Sitek.

Interestingly, we’re kind of linked to a minor beef that is taking place between Theophilus and The Guardian’s Paul Lester. We won’t explain it, best just to pop over and give it a read. WARNING: It’s like Biggie vs. Tupac all over again.

Also, Kele from Bloc Party is on a bit of a break from the band and has decided to launch a solo career (as has Brandon Flowers from The Killers, in what must be one of the most expected moves in music history). This is Kele’s first single, taken from the album The Boxer, and it’s a beat-heavy, ‘Wearing My Rolex’-cribbing dance behemoth:

Finally, Hurts are back with their first single proper, ‘Better Than Love’. It also has a video, which resembles some kind of sequel to Tipping The Velvet, but a little more lesbian.

Oops up side your head

We’ve been going nuts about Theophilus London for some time now and it seems appropriate to go slightly bonkers for him again seeing as his new mix-tape, I Want You, has now been given a release date of 28 April. As a little taster, he’s started leaking a few of the tracks and one of the best we’ve heard so far is this cover of Tweet‘s excellent, Timbaland-produced ode to masturbation, ‘Oops’. Production duties on this cover were handled by a certain Hudson Mohawke.

You can hear it here and download it for free here

This is the original, which is still very much worth hearing:

So good.

Damme it!

Band: Lightspeed Champion
Title: ‘Madame Van Damme’
Album: Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

This is going to sound mean, but we’re saying it for his own good; Lighstpeed Champion’s videos are usually more interesting than the songs. There, we said it. It’s us being cruel to be kind, because we’ve seen him at work with acts like Solange and Theophilus London and he’s clearly super talented, but his own stuff seems to be a bit, well, disappointing. The above video for ‘Madame Van Damme’ is bright, funny and self-referential, whilst the song is a bit of a plodder.

London (De)Lite

We’ve been banging on about Theophilus London for a while now and the other month we got to interview him and he was a thoroughly nice chap. He mentioned then that a new mixtape would be out fairly soon and that it would be more down tempo and introspective in comparison to his previous efforts, JAM! and This Charming Mixtape. He talked a lot about how much Marvin Gaye he’d been listening to and the fruits of this can be heard on the track below, the first to surface from the new mixtape, I Want You:

Theophilus London featuring Jesse Boykins – Life Of A Lover by Hypetrak

You can also hear snippets of a new track on this video below, filmed in the studio and featuring a certain Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion, on the piano and ‘busting some moves’.

To read more of the interview, please pick up a copy of the new Dazed & Confused magazine from all good stockists (and those not so good ones that sell nasty things like Pushing 60 and Latino Boyz R Us).

Out on a limb: Our hopes for 2010


Apologies for the time between posts, we spent the New Year in a drug-induced coma having stumbled upon a warehouse party in East London. Basically, all you need to know is the Police came, the guy will be out of hospital soon and yes, your inner most fears being played out on the inside of your eyelids like a movie for 48 hours is more terrifying than death itself. Ah, fun times.

So, let’s kick this new decade off with another list shall we? This time, let Musick guide you through the next twelve months by picking out five new acts to keep an eye on. Haven’t the BBC done something like this you say? And nearly every other respectable publication this side of the NME? Well, yes, but there ain’t no party like Musick party, right? Right.

Les Corps Mince de Francoise

Three Finnish beauties with a difficult French moniker, make childish, hyperactive dance-pop to make you smile.

Listen to: ‘Something Golden’

Francis and the Lights

Slick, Prince-inspired funk from idiosyncratic white soul boy. The dancing in the video below is not recommended to those with weak knees.

Listen to: ‘The Top’

The Drums

Obvious really, but no less valid. Their debut EP, Summertime, is one of the best things released in recent memory. Sun-kissed melodies + infinite sadness = The Drums.

Listen to: ‘I Felt Stupid’

Theophilus London

We’ve written about him before, but having seen him live recently we’re even more excited about his debut. Fusing vintage hip-hop with icy electro, expect Theophilus London to appear in a lot of magazines and sell very little, but still be amazing.

Listen to: ‘Humdrum Town’

Marina & The Diamonds

Born in Greece, raised in Wales and as feisty as pop stars are allowed to be these days, Marina makes opulent pop songs overflowing with piano, jaunty melodies and a clever, knowing centre.

Listen to: ‘Hollywood’


Humdrum’s not dead

We’ve done a few things on Theophilus London before, but so far all his songs have either been appearances on remixes or songs that heavily feature some sampling or chunks of other songs. ‘Humdrum Town’ is his first song ‘proper’ and it’s every which way amazing.

Here’s the song in question:

Once again, the guy’s struggling with the whole concept of making money from his music and is allowing you, the lucky listener, to download the track for free from here.


Jack + xx + Theo = Jackxxtheo

This blog post has it all. You want a musically rehabilitated posh bloke? We got one. You want young people remixing things and calling it stuff like dubstep? We got ’em. You want achingly hip rappers remixing the remix by the young people who call things dubstep? Er, what? We got that too.

This is a pretty amazing remix of Jack Peñate’s ‘Pull Your Heart Away’ by Jamie Smith from The xx:

Fine as it is we think you’ll agree. But how about when the remix is remixed by Musick’s favourite rapper Theophilus London?

Click here to listen and download it at will.

Whilst on the subject of Mr London, he’s also got a pretty impressive myspace page (damning with faint praise? Perhaps) and on it you can download two of his amazing mixtapes (one of which includes this), as well as any new stuff he might have made since writing this post (he’s pretty prolific). Here’s his latest, ‘Enjoy The Sun’:

Theophilus London will be touring with Jack Peñate this month.