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Oh blimey

Apologies. We’ve been incredibly slack of late and for that there is no real excuse. Plus, so much seems to have happened and not once did we bother writing some words about it. Forgive us? No? Don’t blame you really.

To try and make things up to you, here are some songs we’ve been enjoying of late. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them too? More than likely you would have heard them already and probably read so many things about them that you’re bored stiff by the mere mention of their names. This is what happens when you don’t update a blog for over ten days 😦

Radiohead – ‘Codex’

We like King Of Limbs. We don’t love it. It’s still at a bit at a distance for now. In the same way that Amnesiac was ‘good’, this is something to admire from afar and though there are moments of brilliance, as a whole, it seems a little too clever clever. We shall see.

Oh Land – ‘Sun Of A Gun’

Oh Land is a Danish former ballerina who now lives in New York and has recently signed to RCA. We went to a showcase thing she did (for ‘showcase’ read (s)wanky ‘party’ in some giant members club in London) and she was utterly captivating. She even had balloons as backing singers!

Marques Toliver – ‘White Sails’

Marques Toliver was born in Florida, moved to Brooklyn got spotted by one of TV On The Radio, worked with Holly Miranda and then moved to London where he’s been signed by Bella Union. Phew. His forthcoming EP is really very good and to these ears he sounds a lot like Maxwell with a violin, which is no bad thing.

Adele – ‘Rumour Has It’

‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Someone Like You’ are currently both in the UK top 5 as are Adele’s two albums, 19 and 21. Everyone seems to have fallen for her hard and this Ryan Tedder production is hopefully going to be the third single. The best bit is clearly when she squeals “bless your soul”.


New Musick Monday

It was Blur that once sang: “Bank Holiday comes with a six pack of beer…then it’s back to work”. Well, not for us. Our Bank Holiday was spent at work, having shifted the beer drinking forward a day to the Sabbath. We know, we know, may the Lord send down a thunder bolt or some such. Anywho, we must deal the hand that we have been dealt and get back to business. Last week we predicted big things for the Arctic Monkeys album, which wasn’t exactly going out on a limb. It entered at no. 1, having outsold the rest of the top 5 put together. Needless to say the Fiery Furnaces album was nowhere to be seen and the Black Lips/Lumina single just missed out on the top spot thanks to about 75 other singles that all sold more. For this week, you should all be buying these things…


Kid A (Special Collectors Edition) by Radiohead

Radiohead are going to love this. Having ditched EMI in favour of releasing their last album via carrier pigeon, Radiohead upset their former paymasters to such a degree that they cobbled together a Greatest Hits package and started releasing all their albums again in various forms. These re-releases may not have been overseen by the band, but they are worth investigating not least this new version of Kid A, which not only features the incredible original album, but also a second CD of live versions and a DVD of a couple of TV performances. Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief have also been re-packaged with various b-sides and live tracks, but seeing as the original source is one of the best things ever released we’re going with Kid A.


First Days of Spring by Noah & The Whale

May we, for a second, be crude? If we had split up with Laura Marling we would be pretty depressed too, for she is proper fit. Ahem. Charlie Fink, singer with twee-indie-also-rans Noah & The Whale, broke up with the lovely Marling recently and decided to write an entire album about how it made him feel and how he was going to get over it. The lyrics pretty much run the gamut of heartbreak cliche, but musically the band have expanded their sound to include strings, choirs and a bit of a go on the old kitchen sink to create a stirring second album.


‘Get Sexy’ by Sugababes

We could have gone for The Cribs new single, or that one by Jamie T, but you know what, we’re stuck in an office on a sunny Bank Holiday and we’re going to choose a fun little pop song that samples Right Said Fred and is not a patch on past glories but is good enough for now thank you very much. ‘Get Sexy’ sounds a bit too try-hard when you listen to it without the video, but somehow it improves when matched with all those bright lights and gyrating hips. Why don’t you have a little look here.

The gift that keeps on giving

Radiohead are a funny bunch aren’t they? First they release the lovely Harry Patch tribute minus any fanfare and now another brand new song has miraculously appeared on a fan forum. Entitled ‘These Are My Twisted Words’, it finds the band in more sinister surroundings then the lush strings of last week. Thom mumbles like only he can, Jonny does a circular guitar riff he could seemingly knock out in his sleep and the whole thing ambles along quite nicely thank you very much.

Let’s hope this is some kind of weekly endeavour- New Radiohead Musick Thursday anyone?

Something lovely for a Wednesday

Radiohead have made a new song available for download from their website. ‘Harry Patch (In Memory of)’ is in tribute to Britain’s last surviving soldier to fight in the trenches during World War I.

It’s a string-laden lament, recorded live in an abbey, with a typically lovely score from Jonny Greenwood. The song costs £1 to download from here and all profits go to the Royal British Legion.

Listen to it here.