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The City gets a retwizzle

We like Patrick Wolf.

We like Richard X.

Here’s a Richard X remix of a Patrick Wolf song.

Sometimes, it’s that easy.


New Patrick Wolf single. Features sax solo.

Exactly as it says above. It’s called ‘The City’ and it’s even more joyful and exuberant than ‘Time Of My Life’. Patrick Wolf is definitely in love, in case you hadn’t guessed already.

Click on the pic below to hear it please:

Patrick Wolf Parade

Everyone’s favourite pop dandy Patrick Wolf is back with a new single, ‘Time Of My Life’. Yes, it’s a cover of the Dirty Dancing standard and very…oh, no, it’s not. It’s a string-drenched paean to blind optimism in the face of utter heartbreak. In other words, it’s fairly standard Wolf and suffers at least on initial listens from being slightly too straight. We like it when he throws in some thunderous beats or combines those beats with that knack for a driving melody. Still, it’s better than almost all other things out at the moment (except Niki & The Dove, who we are loving A LOT. More on her/them soon).

Here’s ‘Time Of My Life’, which is due out on the 6th December:

New Musick Monday

So, how did we do this week? Well, following the triumph that was ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal reaching number 1 off the back of being on this here blog, we’re pleased to announce that the much-hyped, poll-topping, column-inch snaffling Little Boots and her A-listed single, ‘New In Town’, roared into the chart at number 13…oh. It doesn’t matter of course, it’s all relative, but missing out on the top 10 after all that talk is a little disappointing. Still, the album has about 5 other singles on it so it’s fine.


The Bachelor by Patrick Wolf

To some he’s the elfin love child of Tilda Swinton and David Bowie, all artful posturing, lashings of make-up and a brilliant way with melody. To others he’s no more than a brattish drama school student who professes to make high art when in fact his best musical moment was dancing around to a Status Quo track. Either way, the guy’s an interesting character and The Bachelor is a vast improvement on the patchy, The Magic Position.


Hombre Lobo by Eels

Just under the title on the cover reads “12 songs of desire”. That basically sums up an album that’s not a million miles away from any of the other Eels albums you’d care to mention, with primal blues rubbing up alongside the usual desolate hymns to loneliness, death and lost love. It’s the musical version of putting on some worn slippers, only to find they’re a bit hairier than they were before. Or something.


‘We Are The People’ by Empire of the Sun

Missing MGMT? Need to hear a slightly strained falsetto, some lazily strummed guitar and the patter of processed drums? Let Empire of the Sun be your musical balm. This has been all over Radio 2 and it’s easy to hear why. It’s about as inoffensive as a sleeping Leona Lewis dreaming about puppies, but it’s perfect for a long summers evening doing nothing.