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Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Lady Gaga

If 3mins30secs were a dog or a child it we would have been reported to some kind of charity or help group by now, such has been the neglect. For nearly a MONTH we haven’t bothered to update anything. Not even a cursory video just thrown up with barely any thought, or some ‘amusing’ thing about how Britney‘s new album is gold-standard amazing. We’re sorry. We’ve been busy doing bits here and indeed bits there and we’ve neglected our roots. We’re like Taio Cruz or Jay Sean, blinded by the big lights of America and forgetting our UK ‘urban’ roots. Anyways, here’s the only good thing about this site now, my Nan talking about the Lady Gaga video for ‘Born This Way’. Yep, the video that came out about three weeks ago and has now been watched about 22 million times. Oh well. What Nan has to say is much better then nearly everything we’ve read about it, so that’s something.


[Laughs] I thought it was “gaga”. I mean the births and things, it was so raw. When it first started it was like a science fiction film, with the music and everything. I thought, ‘whenever is she going to start singing’ you know. I’ve never seen one of her videos before. I mean I’ve heard her but never seen a video. I thought her singing was great, she’s got a good voice but she does remind me of a young Cher. The sound of her voice. If you shut your eyes and you listen to Cher or knew Cher when she was a lot younger, she’s got that same voice.

You can hear the similarities with Madonna in the song, yes. But then a lot of them are like that aren’t they? It’s respectful though. I don’t think she was ripping her off do you? I think Madonna goes on forever doesn’t she? She keeps re-booting herself.

It was all amazing, I was just wondering what was coming next. She was obviously representing good and then evil and the birth of evil. That bit was really graphic. Where she sort of, with the, erm, the ‘bad one’ she sort of tears apart, I was a bit, well, you know. There wasn’t a lot left to the imagination. But I did think it was a very “gaga” video and I did quite like the song. I haven’t got anything against that at all.

It becomes a quite straight forward dance video as it goes on though. It’s not as crazy. It became a big boring. There wasn’t really much content after a while. I suppose they have to be able to play it on TV. I loved that skeleton man. Are they real tattoos? Are they really? Good Lord. I thought that bit made the video more interesting. The bit with just the heads was fun too and that costume she had on in that bit was a bit odd wasn’t it? Just covering her bits.

I wouldn’t find her actually sexy. She’s lacking curves and things, she’s got a boy’s frame, quite athletic. She’s got a very boyish figure. But then some people might find that sexy, I don’t know. I don’t think the idea of it was to make her seem sexy really.

It went on a bit. I think you could take some of that out and not change anything. She’s a bit like that though, it’s all OTT. She does a lot to shock or at least try to. It means it’s more interesting. It’s not ever boring.

The writhing about with the women bit was a bit obvious. Not quite sure why that bit was in there. The spikey face bit was weird too. I hope it doesn’t catch on. But generally she’s a good thing for pop, why not? She’s weird but in a lovely way, not an annoying way.

Grandad didn’t watch it. I think he thought it was a bit ‘way out’.

Song: 8

Video: 8 (It was so amazing. You just didn’t know what was coming next)


Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Kylie

So, last week we introduced you to my Nan, Joy Herbert. She had some pretty accurate thoughts on Alesha Dixon‘s latest aural cacophony (“Her voice? You don’t really notice it, do you?”) and here she is again presiding over Kylie Minogue‘s ‘Get Outta My Way’, the second single from Aphrodite. Please note, my Nan had just taken possession of a new sofa the day I called so was very excited (DFS, Latte in colour), and EastEnders had just started so she was slightly distracted, which is more my fault than hers.

Here we go:

Well, I wasn’t terribly impressed I’m afraid. With the song. I don’t know, it didn’t really do a lot for me, I can’t really tell you why. I think her fans will like it, erm, I like her but I don’t like everything she does and I’m not terribly keen on this. Does it suit her? Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with it, it not really suiting her. I don’t think she’s too old, I think she can still hold her own, but I wasn’t sure where the chairs fitted in [in the video] or the claws, and the Titanic bit I thought was a bit naff. The video didn’t have a theme and I got lost in it and I’ve watched it several times and I still couldn’t make sense of a lot of it. I couldn’t get the connection, as if she’s just said “oh, I like that bit, I like that bit” and put it together, but it didn’t mean anything. That was amazing the light bit, because with the men the light seemed to go through them but not through her if you know what I mean. I thought that was well done, but I don’t think overall it was successful, for me anyway.

Why she still popular? She’s got an awful lot of fans, especially when she was on Neighbours, years and years ago, and she has made good, she’s done really well out of it. I honestly don’t think she’s got a huge amount of talent [vocally], but that might just be me Michael. But there is something about her and she is very likeable, but I don’t feel that her voice is striking, you know. There doesn’t seem to be any depth there if you see what I mean. It’s just nice.

Kylie’s the nice one compared to Madonna. She’s more ‘girl next door’ and Madonna’s a bit aloof and I always think with Madonna it’s as if she’s been ‘made’ if you know what I mean, she makes herself doesn’t she? She keeps remaking herself so that you don’t really know what’s there, but she manages to do it each time. Kylie’s a blank canvas that people can like and make into whatever they want.

Is she too old? I think she needs to change a bit, but you never know. It’s unfair to ask questions about age with women and not men because she’s still lovely, isn’t she? That’s just the way things are though. And she manages to hold her own, but it’s not for everyone.

Did Grandad watch it? Yes. I don’t think…he likes her, but I don’t think the song impressed him much. Not as much as Alesha.

Song: 5 (It’s for the fans)

Video: 5 (I only like the beginning)

Verdict: Quite nice

Musick’s Top 20 albums: 18

Lady GaGa – The Fame Monster

From prospective one-hit wonder to the world’s biggest pop star in the space of twelve months, Lady GaGa has straddled 2009 in a way that’s made all of us feel slightly uncomfortable. Whilst most people would be happy with a debut that features two of the biggest selling singles of the year, Lady GaGa wasn’t content until she’d recorded an extra eight songs, four of which could be singles, one of which features Beyoncé and all of which must make Madonna choke on her Kabbalah water. Good enough to be the follow-up to The Fame proper, The Fame Monster is somehow even better for showing complete disregard for anything as boring as following a normal release schedule.

Key track: ‘Alejandro’

Murphy’s Law

Róisín Murphy’s last album, Overpowered, was something of a lost pop classic. Mixing warm electronica with pop hooks Kylie would claw Dannii‘s eyes out for, it seemed destined to catapult Murphy back to the upper reaches of the charts after her time with Moloko. Of course, this didn’t happen and despite releasing nearly half a dozen singles, Murphy was dropped by her label and forced to watch as Little Boots et al came along to fill the gap marked ‘intelligent electro pop starlet’.

Murphy is currently focusing on her new creation (she’s 9 months pregnant), but has found the time to announce the release of a taster single, entitled ‘Orally Fixated’. And what an odd concoction it is. Over stuttering synths and cheap beats, Murphy intones “Eat me/ Drink me” before something resembling a song begins to take shape. This then merges into something Madonna would have rejected circa 1986, before a guitar solo comes crashing in to up the what-the-fuck ante.

Something tells us she’s signed with an indie label now.

New Musick Monday

We were on fire last week! We really pulled it out of the bag didn’t we? True, putting our money behind Dizzee Rascal (three no. 1 singles and counting) and Madonna (global superstar for the past 25 years or something) is hardly taking a shot in the dark (are there too many metaphors in that sentence? Are they even metaphors?), but there you are. Madonna crashed in at number 1 and Dizzee settled in nicely at number 3. Poor Mika had to settle for a number 4, which sounds a bit dirty at first, but isn’t because a number 1 is wee and a number 2 is poo so a number 4 is…we’re not sure really. The single we tipped by Thom Yorke was limited to about 2000 copies so it didn’t get anywhere, but it’s more about the art of creating music with him isn’t it?


Album by Girls

Anyone who’s anyone in the ‘bloggesphere’ (yuk!) is in love with this duo. We’re not going to lie, we’ve only heard a few things (which we liked a lot), but we trust the opinions of our peers so we’re giving it a shot. Plus, they have an amazing backstory, which these days is nearly enough. Basically, one of them lived in a cult, they may or may not have a millionaire benefactor and they seem to have consumed a tonne of prescription drugs in the recent past. They make woozy, simple songs that sound like they’ve been made during that point between sleeping and waking.


Once by Kid Harpoon

This guy is from round our way. Or at least from round our old way. He used to frequent some pubs that we have heard of and visited occasionally but we never met. It’s an interesting story, isn’t it? It’s kind of more interesting than this debut album, which takes a lot of the promise from his early recordings and pushes it through a massive filter called “Personality Reducer – Use with care for fear of over-producing the shit out of everything”. Some of it is alright, but getting Trevor Horn to produce it seems like a bit of an error.


‘4Ever’ by The Veronicas

Your enjoyment of this song will hinge on whether or not you find young women pretending to be ‘rock’ a). really annoying, b). annoying, but a great song is a great song, or c). inspirational, because Avril Lavigne is punk and genuinely angry. We’re with the b) group, and sometimes a song comes along that’s so undeniably, almost irritatingly perfect in a throwaway pop kind of way that it makes us a bit sad for everyone else. This single was produced by Max Martin, who is ‘responsible’ for this and this, the latter is a kind of template for this rock/pop thing and appears on a certain person’s iPod not too far from here.

New Musick Monday

So, last week we predicted big things for Jay-Z (hardly putting our necks on the line – it entered at no. 4), Jazmine Sullivan (more of a risk seeing as the album was probably brought by anyone with an interest about a year ago – it was nowhere) and Florence & The Machine. The latter has had some pretty extensive coverage thanks to the Mercury nomination, but the single failed to dent to the top 40. Luckily, the album re-entered the top 10 and another track, ‘You’ve Got The Love, also started to climb the top 75. Imagine if that were to become the next single? IMAGINE.


Tongue N’ Cheek by Dizzee Rascal

Tongue N’ Cheek!? Tongue ‘N Cheek!? Oh dearest Dizzee man, this really won’t do. If you’re using N’ then what you’re actually trying to say is Tongue AND Cheek, which just sounds like some grizzly meat order at some posh restaurant. Grammar issues aside, this is essentially Dizzee’s coming out album…not like that, but in terms of him embracing pop and deciding that he’s going to stop going on about knives and ‘beefs’ and concentrate more on going on holiday and dancing. It’s not just about the three (three!) number 1 singles though, with the ridiculous ‘Road Rage’ taking in grime, drum n bass, techno and probably some jazz.


Celebration by Madonna

‘Hung Up’, ‘Music’, ‘Vogue’, ‘4 Minutes’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Like A Virgin’, ‘Into The Groove’, ‘Like A Prayer’, ‘Ray Of Light’, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘Borderline’, ‘Secret’, ‘Justify My Love’, ‘La Isla Bonita’, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, ‘Lucky Star’, ‘Crazy For You’, ‘Who’s That Girl’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Live To Tell’, ‘Beautiful Stranger’, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, ‘Cherish’. Just a few hits to choose from.


‘FeelingPulledApartByHorses’ / ‘The Hollow Earth’ by Thom Yorke

Oh, we’re not going into all of this again. Just scroll down a bit for more info. Cheers.

Holiday! Celebrate!

Madonna has so many great hits that she’s decided to release a THIRD hits collection, entitled Celebration. The album is her last for Warners and is in no way some kind of ‘will this do’, contract fulfilling gesture with little artistic merit. Hell, it’s Madonna, she’s got more integrity then that.

Either way, it means there’s some new Madonna material to go with it, which is usually a good thing. The first single is also called ‘Celebration’ and as if to prove that she doesn’t just work with hot, young producers, it’s produced by Paul Oakenfold.

It’s back to the dancefloor after that mostly misjudged foray into ‘urban’ with Timbaland and Pharrell. It suits her much better in our opinion. Rumour has it that the video will feature Madonna’s daughter Lourdes recreating scenes from the ‘Like A Virgin’ video, which is some insane, Freudian nightmare made flesh.

EDIT: The video has been removed. Boo Madonna, boo!