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Ellie Goulding vs. Sky Ferreira

As music battles go, it’s hardly up there with Biggie vs. Tupac, but there’s been some rumblings going on between new kid on the block, Sky Ferreira and the practically geriatric Ellie Goulding. Basically, Goulding wrote a song with Frankmusik called ‘Wish I Stayed’, which was then apparently offered to Sky Ferreira. She then re-arranged the song, added some bits, then took some other bits away and then added them again, until the song sounded a bit different. Then, apparently, Goulding was all like, “No way girlfriend” and took the song back, but left in the changes Ferreira had made, thus recording a cover version of her own song. Or something.

Anyway, it’s all pretty tiresome, but the one thing that does come out of it all is that we have a new(ish) song by Sky Ferreira to wrap our ears around (?) and having EXCLUSIVELY heard some of the tracks from her album last week in A REAL RECORD COMPANY OFFICE, we can safely say her album will be amazeballs.

Anyways, this is Sky’s version of ‘Wish I Stayed’:

EDIT: Some people in the know tell me this version has been floating about the interpipe for over  a year now, so not only is this story a bit dull, it’s also old. HURRAH.


New Musick Monday

So, last week we got a bit morose about how no one reads this blog but we’ve seen the light and realised that if no one reads it, well, it’s their loss. How else will anyone know what new albums and singles are out this week? It’s not as if there are adverts or reviews or billboard posters or virals or…you get the picture. Last week was pretty successful, what with Ellie Goulding’s debut flying in at number 1 and Joanna Newsom’s triple album sauntering elegantly in at number 28. Unsurprisingly, Perfume Genius didn’t dent the Top 75, but hey, who buys vinyl these days? Seeing as we downloaded it for free, we can hardly complain.


Plastic Beach by Gorillaz

It’s funny, when Britpop was raging all those years ago, we assumed it would be Liam Gallagher who’d cast off the shackles of his main band and experiment with Chinese pop music, hip-hop, African rhythms and the Venezuelan nose flute. Instead, it’s Damon Albarn who has quietly gone about proving himself to be a bit of a genius (OK, not so quietly). Plastic Beach is the third Gorillaz album and it’s a sprawling, 16-track opus taking in a loose concept about the environment and features guests as diverse as Lou Reed, Kano, Snoop Dogg and Bobby Womack. In short, it’s all over the place, but in a very good way. ‘Empire Ants’ is possibly the best thing we’ve heard all year.


Sisterworld by Liars

Again, it’s time for a confession. We have this album, in fact it’s on the arm of the chair as we type, but we’ve yet to enter Sisterworld in its entirety. What we do know is that it’s a dense, frankly quite terrifying listen, that ranges from the sporadic meltdown of ‘Scissor’ to the violent convulsions of ‘Scarecrows On A Killer Slant’. If you buy the deluxe, 3D artwork version you get an extra CD with remixes of every track by people such as Thom Yorke, Devendra Banhart and one of TV On The Radio.


‘Rocket’ by Goldfrapp

So, that folky reinvention didn’t last long did it? Everyones second favourite female-fronted synth pop duo (La Roux is number one, right?) are back with their forthcoming album, Head First, and ‘Rocket’ is the Van Halen-aping first single. Allison Goldfrapp was always more suited to the rush of electro than the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar and though ‘Rocket’ isn’t vintage Goldfrapp it certainly beats roughly 78% of everything else in the charts.

New Musick Monday

We’ve noticed that our daily numbers have been dwindling quite dramatically so more and more this all feels slightly fruitless, but at the moment we’re still enjoying it, so for now New Musick Monday returns to fight another week. This weeks edition isn’t quite the bells and whistles bumper edition of last week, but it does feature a TRIPLE album. But, first, let’s deal with the relative successes and failures of the past seven days. LoneLady, Toro Y Moi and Brigadier Ambrose all missed the top 75, but they’re all amazing and the latter actually sold out in most of the HMV shops that stocked it, so music is the winner. Marina & The Diamonds album crashed in at number 5 and was looking good for the number 1 slot at the midweek point. Giggs, despite all the twittering, landed outside the top 60. It seems a lot of listeners literally didn’t go there…THIS IS WHY NO ONE READS THIS!!


Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom

A confession; we haven’t heard this yet. It’s waiting for us when we get home, but for now, our ears have not been lightly grazed by Newsom’s latest three CD extravaganza. We’re urging you to buy this on the fact that her last album was a masterpiece, every review of this has been glowing and because even if it isn’t something you’d normally listen to, it still means you have three extra coasters in your house should you be silly enough not to love it. Plus, it comes in a box and has a lyric sheet as long as the Bible (but better). THIS IS WHY NO CHRISTIANS READ THIS!!


Lights by Ellie Goulding

We reviewed this album for another website and you can read it here. It kind of sums up our feelings towards what is a solid pop album, but one that feels a bit emotionless and is in no way the future of music. But we knew that already.


‘Mr Peterson’ by Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius, aka Mike Genius (may not be his real surname), makes fragile, haunting piano ballads that make Antony Hegarty seem like H from Steps. His lyrics are so stark that they sometimes border on the hilarious in that did-he-just-suggest-his-teacher-was-sexually-attracted-to-him kind of way. In fact, it’s exactly that storyline that runs through ‘Mr Peterson’ and the song ends with the titular character killing himself. Yay, Spring is here. THIS IS WHY NO ONE READS THIS!!

You can download this single and the b-side from here.

The Adventures of Tin Tinashé

We’ve been meaning to do a little something something on Tinashé, Island’s new signing. He’s got an interesting backstory, which involves fleeing poverty in Zimbabwe and winding up in Camberwell, via Essex and now he lives in Hackney. This is all very well, but surely it’s all about the music, right? Right.

This is his new single, the one-long-metaphor that is ‘Mayday’. Basically, the relationship he’s in is like a plane crashing, hence “mayday, I think we’re going down”. It’s a bit of a bummer really, but perhaps the results were similar to that plane in New York that managed to land safely on the river and everyone was fine? We hope so. Either way you look at it, this has a really great chorus and some interesting bits in it, which is all we can ask of a song on a Wednesday morning.

(It’s actually the acoustic version, which is a bit of a shame, but it’s still very nice)

Tinashé is supporting Ellie Goulding tonight in a venue in London.

Ellie: The results are in…

Thanks to the 17 people that voted in our exclusive Ellie Goulding poll.

The results have been counted and verified and we can exclusively reveal that…

1 person thinks she’s “Alright”
8 people think Ellie is “A young talent with good songs who needs time to evolve”
8 people think she’s “Smellie Goulding”

Shame on those last 8, you really need to have a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror.

The results will be sent onto her label, Polydor, who will then let her know the outcome. At this rate, all they can really say is that she’s talented, she’s got good songs, but maybe work on the cleanliness issue in her own time. Hey, it’s what Musick readers want and we trust you implicitly.

Look out for more exciting poll-based features in the next few days.

In the meantime, here’s Ellie performing at the Brits launch thingy:

Ellie Goulding: Is she really the future?

There’s been much chitter chatter about Ellie Goulding of late. She was crowned the Sound of 2010 by the BBC and will collect the Critic’s Choice award at the Brits next month.

As ever, all this hype and press attention is causing a slightly skewed idea of who Ellie is as an artist and what she’s trying to do, etc. The fact that she’s appearing in nearly every music magazine, broadsheet and blog is good from the point of view that it spreads the word and makes sure she gets playlisted by Radio 1 for example, but it also causes what we’re scientifically calling ‘hype fatigue’. The time between hype and backlash is so minimal now that it seems to be happening almost instantly. As if to prove a point, two Musick readers have banded about words such as “over-produced”, “whiny” and “fake”. This last bit is quite pertinent in that Ellie used to just play folksy, guitar type songs and now she makes folksy, guitar type songs but with mildly electronic backing, which may mean she’s evolved, but it may also mean she’s jumping on some kind of bandwagon.

The point is, we don’t really know yet. Her album will tell us more, but seeing as by the time that comes out she would have already won a Brit and be absolutely EVERYWHERE, the hype fatigue may have claimed a section of her audience.

So, let’s do a test. In the top right hand corner of this blog is a poll. We would like you to vote on what you think of Ellie Goulding. The results will be sent on to her label who will then mould and shape her accordingly.

To help you out, this is her new single, ‘Starry Eyed’ (it’s very good, we said, impartially):

Gould mine

More stuff from the really quite promising Ellie Goulding, who we mentioned here. This is her new single ‘Under The Sheets’, produced by Starsmith:

It’s quite a waifer-thin concoction on first listen, but grows on you like moss or some kind of skin disease (although, if moss grew on you I’d still go and see someone about it). It’s one of those songs that seems to be building up to something ear-splittingly epic but doesn’t ever quite get there, and is probably all the better for it. A flurry of harps and some group backing vocals is as near as it gets, but we’re sure a remix should sort all that out. You can download the song for free from here.

Ellie are you OK?

Whilst on twitter today we struck up a conversation with ‘hot new singer/songwriter’ Ellie Goulding. Did we talk about her amazing songs? The fact she’s just signed to Polydor? Or, perhaps, we asked her about writing songs for Diana Vickers from last year’s X Factor? No, we talked about Jordan and Peter Andre‘s marriage problems…BUT we did get to share the new Peter Andre video with her and for that she will always be thankful, right? Wrong.

This is Ellie:

A lot of her songs have been around for quite a while now, ‘creating a buzz’ and ‘getting the blogosphere all hot under the collar’. As we never tire of stating, we like to remain at least three months behind the times, hence our EXCLUSIVE feature appearing in August.

This is a song called ‘Starry Eyed’, which reminds us a bit of Stina Nordenstam. It was produced by Starsmith, who is very talented and young so we dislike him already:

What a nice chorus. Well done Ellie and Vincent.

Tomorrow, Musick will be entering into a debate about the future of our banking system with Lee from Blue.