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A reasonably good Rihanna remix for you

New York DJ Bremner has had a go at remixing ‘What’s My Name?’ by everyone’s current favourite pop princess, Rihanna. We can’t help but assume that he’s not a fan of Drake as his rap is missing completely, as are bits of the verses, so instead we’re left with lots of cut ‘n’ paste samples of vocals (hence the song is retitled ‘Hey Boy’ as that bit appears A LOT) over cheap beats.

It’s not as good as it thinks it is but it’s nice for a cold Sunday night/bleak Monday morning is it not?

Yes, you can download it if you like.


Albums of 2010: 15 – 11

11. Sir Lucious Left Foot…The Son Of Chico Dusty – Big Boi

Whilst we all wait patiently for the next Outkast album, the supposedly ‘straight’ (musically speaking) one from the duo goes and releases a sprawling, triumphantly batshit album of forward-thinking hip-hop with at least twelve singles on it. Sir Lucious Left Foot… slinks seamlessly from bass-heavy, rib rattlers (‘Shutterbugg’, ‘Daddy Fat Sax’) to sleek, modern-day R&B (the Janelle Monae-assisted ‘Be Still’), via a couple of genuine WTF moments (the orchestral introduction to ‘General Patton’, the icy, steel-pan beats of ‘You Ain’t No DJ’). A refreshing antidote to the rap-by-numbers of Eminem and his ilk.

Best track: ‘Shutterbugg’

12. Plastic Beach – Gorillaz

Any album that opens with an ‘Orchestral Intro’ isn’t going to be a concise and flab-free thirty minutes of music, and so it was with the third album from Damon Albarn’s not-so-cartoon-anymore ‘other’ band, Gorillaz. Sprawling, OTT and thrillingly adventurous throughout, Plastic Beach featured a list of guests even Kanye would balk at, from rappers Kano and Snoop Dogg to old codgers like Mark E. Smith and Lou Reed. It shouldn’t really work and yet somehow Albarn weaves all the disparate strands together like a master, be it making catchy synthpop in the shape of ‘Stylo’, glam rock with ‘Glitter Freeze’ or beautiful laments like ‘On Melancholy Hill’ and ‘Empire Ants’. It may take time to fully get to grips with, but Plastic Beach is their most consistently rewarding album.

Best track: ‘Empire Ants’

13. Contra – Vampire Weekend

It’s easy to sneer at Vampire Weekend. They’re four preppy, well-educated blokes that make precision-tooled guitar pop that works brilliantly at festivals and gets over-played on the radio. Whilst Contra doesn’t quite match their debut for runaway choruses, it’s a bigger, better version of what they do well, with tracks like ‘Run’, ‘Giving Up The Gun’ and ‘California English’ taking the template of bouncing basslines and tightly wound guitar lines but adding a more off-kilter feel to proceedings. Plus, with the beat-heavy opener ‘Horchata’ and the M.I.A-sampling ‘Diplomat’s Son’ they proved that they weren’t afraid to experiment.

Best track: ‘Horchata’

14. Thank Me Later – Drake

It’s hard to feel pity for Drake and yet pity is what he seems to want on this debut album. Fame, money, success, success with women, lack of success with women and a terrible record on Facebook Scrabble all seem to haunt Drake and yet there’s something about his delivery and the way he constructs the songs that make it sound far less woe-is-me then it does on paper. ‘Over’, ‘Up All Night’ (featuring rap’s very own Gaga, Nicki Minaj), ‘Fancy’ and ‘Show Me A Good Time’ are all class A bangers, whilst ‘Fireworks’, ‘The Resistance’ and the incredible ‘Best I Ever Had’ prove that slow-jams need not just be icky sex diaries.

Best track: ‘Over’

15. Halcyon Digest – Deerhunter

Bradford Cox – Deerhunter’s 8ft tall frontman – has been a busy boy in 2010. Not only does he seemingly churn out brand new Atlas Sound albums in his sleep, he’s also helped make one of the most hypnotically odd albums of the year in Halcyon Digest. Whilst it’s predecessor – the excellent Microcastle/Weird Era Continued – wasn’t exactly what you’d call polished, it still maintained a certain amount of production sheen, an element jettisoned here for murky, swampy layers of cheap sounding beats and Cox’s treated vocals. Most of it works a treat, with ‘Helicopter’, ‘Revival’ and the closing Jay Reatard tribute, ‘He Would Have Laughed’, amongst the best things they’ve ever done.

Best track: ‘Helicopter’

New Music Monday (kind of)

So, last week was our first week back after we inexplicably forgot to do this weekly feature. Sometimes, you know, things just get on top of us and we let out a very minor brain fart. This is all that happened. However, this week, we’ve decided to do away with the full format because there really aren’t that many good things out, what with it being the run up to Christmas and all. So, here are two things that might take your fancy. Oh, by the by, from last week, Cee Lo Green managed to land a top 10, whilst Kid Cudi and Cocknbullkid both did diddly squat. Ho-hum.

BUY THIS (on download for swears)

Loud by Rihanna

The follow-up to last year’s Rated R ditches the dark, brooding imagery (and sound) in favour of bright reds, sex and fun. ‘S&M’ is a ridiculously OTT paean to naughtiness, whilst the collaborations with Drake (on ‘What’s My Name?) and Nicki Minaj on ‘Raining Men’ are insanely catchy and insanely, er, bonkers respectively. If you like swearing then buy it on iTunes but if you’d rather not hear all that jive talk then buy it on CD.


Introduction EP by Florrie

She used to be a drummer, then she was a model and now she’s a singing drummer model. Florrie is part of the Xenomania stable, which is perhaps not the best place to be after the failure of Vagabound and Mini Viva (RIP). Anyways, Introduction is a brilliant, you know, introduction to a pop star in waiting, featuring the kind of forward-thinking singles Girls Aloud used to churn out on a monthly basis.

Let’s all lighten up a bit

In the immortal words of Timbaland, “it’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope blog to step to, step to, step to, etc”. Well, we’re back now. Iceland was properly amazing and hopefully there will be some kind of report up here very soon, complete with a handful of the 487 photos we took.

In the meantime, we’re talking Rihanna. Rihanna’s an interesting one, isn’t she? Good Girl Gone Bad basically set her up to reach Beyonce-level standards of pop domination and then all the unpleasantness happened and in one way or another that influenced her music with the darker, more grown-up Rated R.

There are large amounts of pop fans who feel like that album was some kind of holy grail and any thought of moving away from it is sacrilege. Well, we’re in a sales driven world people and the fact is Rated R didn’t sell as well as it should have so here we are with a rushed new album, Loud, the aesthetic of which is very much light, colourful and playful. One look at the new video for ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ tells you all you need to know:

The thing is, it suits her more like this. The old look was all a bit too emo for our liking. Plus, the economy’s fucked, the environment’s fucked, the Tory’s are in charge and Mad Men’s moving to Sky! We need our pop stars to be fun, not all serious and earnest.

Here’s the second single, featuring Drake:

New Music Monday

The other day, this here recently re-launched blog had a grand total of 0 (zero!) hits. Do we get some kind of award? Even blogs about how to train your dog to juggle get some casual readership. We’re beginning to regret this decision of ours. As if to add insult to injury, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti did absolutely nothing and despite our best efforts, Giggs‘ peaked outside the Top 50 with ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ (if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know that this will possibly lead to some kind of Twitter server meltdown). Christina Aguilera and The Drums both flattered to deceive, with the former entering at no. 1 with the lowest sales for a chart-topper since Doves in 2002 and the latter entering at no. 17 with sales of less than 10,000. Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh on the fey foursome, but considering the acres of press and a Florence & The Machine support slot it’s hardly enough to keep Island happy. Anyway, let’s celebrate the new…


Body Talk pt 1 by Robyn

Yes, we mention her every week, what of it? Body Talk pt 1 is the first of a trilogy of albums to come out in 2010, with these eight songs being chosen because they were the first ones to be completed. Seriously, it’s that simple. Opening with the caustic, minimal Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do and ending with a Swedish traditional song first performed by Robyn during a Tsunami benefit concert, pt 1 does feel slightly thrown together at the last minute, but there are a clutch of perfect pop gems that form its core. Dancing On My Own you already know about, Fembot is amazing, Cry When You Get Older is a lovely sigh of a song, Dancehall Queen just about steers clear of pastiche and None Of Dem is bratty but brilliant. Oh, and Hang With Me makes us cry, but that’s because we’re incredibly lonely.


Thank Me Later by Drake

We don’t know what this album sounds like because when we visited our local independent music shop this afternoon, they didn’t have any. So, er, we’re sure it’s very good and we urge you to buy it should you be able to find a copy. Here’s ‘Over’ to prove our point (which is what exactly?).


‘Tenderoni’ by Kele

We were torn about which single to feature seeing as Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ is out (we figured that would be too much), as well as Kylie‘s ‘All The Lovers’, which we only mention because at the weekend we “DJ”-ed at an ’80s-themed party and yet the only song bouncing round our collective memory bank come Sunday morning was Kylie’s. Odd. Anyway, we went with this four to the floor club banger from everyone’s favourite Bloc Party member, Kele Okereke (or just plain old Kele as he is now). Perhaps the band hiatus has been good to him because not only does he seem less of a twat now, he also makes music that actually reflects the stuff he always claimed to be listening to.

New Musick Monday

This weeks edition of everyone’s fourteenth favourite weekly internet-based music rundown, is brought to you on a brand new MacBook. “Holla”. So, expect a lot of techno snobbery, mildly patronising statements such as “Oh, does your PC not do that?”, and, most likely of all, some of our own ‘beats’ thanks to the wonder that is GarageBand. But enough of all this, how did we do this week? Erm, let’s just say all three of our acts failed to dent the charts, although Drake did manage to climb five whole places to no. 55. The power of Musick in full effect right there. Let’s leave the wilting flower of last week and embrace the bouquet that blossoms before us…


Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, is widely being hailed as the future of music or the Jimi Hendrix of our generation or the bloke whose aunt was Alice Coltrane. We’re not sure about the Jimi Hendrix bit and the family connection is undeniable, but on the evidence of this stunning album, we’re pretty sure music would be in safe hands were it all left to him. Featuring a guest spot from super fan Thom Yorke on the typically dense and dark, ‘…And The World Laughs With You’, Cosmogramma is a tetchy, densely packed collection of minimal beats, jazzy horn blasts and, er, the sound of a table tennis ball.


Grey Oceans by CocoRosie

It’s impossible not to see this album cover – DON’T LOOK AT IT – without wanting to hurt sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady. It screams “We’re so kooky and ethereal! You wouldn’t understand how zany we are because you haven’t lived the free wheelin’ spiritual lives we have”. But, if you can get past all that, Grey Oceans features a number of beautiful gems amongst the hotchpotch of disperate instruments that include harps, kids toys, cheap beats and the sister’s sickly sweet vocals. At times it’s pretentious and precious, but tracks like ‘Lemonade’, ‘Undertaker’ and the gorgeous title track make you remember why you bothered.


‘Born Free’ by M.I.A

We’ve only just realised this track is already on iTunes and given all the ho-ha about the nine-minute long ‘ginger genocide’ video, we thought it might be best to direct your attention to it again. Over a riff taken from Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Born Free’ was apparently written and recorded in a sudden burst of frustration and it shows, M.I.A venting at just about everything in her typically scattergun approach. The effects on her vocals are a bit disorientating at first, but the sheer force of the track soon shines through. Her as yet untitled third album should be quite something.

New Musick Monday

It’s not a great week when your biggest success is a new entry at number 54. The new Hot Chip single, we hear you cry? No, that missed the top 100 altogether (yeah, no thanks to our Facebook petition, right guys?). Oh, it must have been those ABBA loving LA residents, Music Go Music? Nope, nowhere near. Yep, Caribou was our lone entry in the UK Top 75 and now that we’ve heard the album we can safely say it’s worthy of far more, but then you could have guessed that already. Let’s keep the Crystal on ice until we’ve dealt with these bad boys…


“Hippies” by Harlem

Harlem are three wasters from Austin, Texas who clearly don’t believe in politcal correctness or over-dubs. “Hippies”, their second album, is a brilliantly ramshackle collection of bone-dry guitar, sloppy drums and slurred vocals that somehow flesh out some of the catchiest songs this side of The Lemonheads back catalogue. If you’re still not convinced, just read some of these track titles; ‘Gay Human Bones’, Three Legged Dog’, ‘Stripper Sunset’ and ‘Pissed’. How can you not love these guys?


Crystal Castles (II) by Crystal Castles

This isn’t out physically until May, but some terrible scamp has uploaded the whole thing onto the interpipe so the band have decided to make it offically available on iTunes. If, like us, you thought their first album sounded like the inner workings of a Dalek’s mind, then you might be pleased to hear that the follow-up is slightly more musical. In fact, one song (‘Celestica’), is actually really lovely. If something having a melody equals selling out then we can only apologise and suggest you put your head inside a microwave, record the sound and loop it ad infinium to get your kicks.


‘Over’ by Drake

This has been about for a little while now, but it’s slowly creeping up the UK charts so we thought, given our new found influence (ahem), we’d give it that last shot in the arm it deserves. Drake, for those who don’t know, is basically the future of commercial rap music, a protege of Kanye West and the man trusted with flying the flag for Lil Wayne’s Young Money records whilst the boss is in the clink. ‘Over’ is a dramatic, paranoid slice of in your face hip-hop, complete with swooping strings, thumping beats and Drake’s impassioned vocals. It’s safe to say he’s better than Chipmunk.

Over & Over

We’re pretty big fans of Canadian hip-hop rookie Drake‘s debut mini-album, So Far Gone, especially the single, ‘Best I Ever Had’. Given his huge success in America, expectations are high for his debut long player, Thank Me Later. As with most young rappers, Drake’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder about how he can’t trust anyone anymore because all his friends just want his money and all dem hoes are just trying to knock his swagga, etc. Thankfully, as with Kanye and Lil Wayne, he seems to have that ability to turn a cliche into something exciting and ‘Over’, complete with urgent strings and off-kilter drum beats, is pretty spectacular.

Rumour has it that Jamie from The xx has also contributed beats to the album. Those pesky kids are everywhere at the moment.

You can download ‘Over’ from Drake’s blog

Nick Drake

This song came out in America about six months ago, but we’ve only just stumbled across it because, frankly, we’re massive idiots.

It’s called ‘Best I Ever Had’ and it’s by Canadian rapper/singer, Drake. It’s the kind of low-slung, sex jam (ewwww, what an awful phrase) that before you listen to it you need to perform some kind of inner monologue in which you pretend to be the presenter of a West Coast radio show. “This joint right here is for Kanesha, you know who you are baby. You’re the best I’ve ever had, for real”. Or something. If not, imagine Tim Westwood introducing it with a hilariously irrelevant sound effect (BOOM) and/or jumble of street lingo.

Which ever way you cut it, the beat is SICK. The video, however, is pretty appalling and was directed by Kanye West

As someone on youtube pointed out; “breast i ever had”. The wag.