We’re moving…

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your patience. Since I lasted posted, which must be about three months ago now, things have changed immeasurably. For example, I no longer have such a strong aversion to mash potato (who knew that fish cakes contained potato?) and I’ve started trying to go to bed earlier. Perhaps slightly more relevant is the fact that I’m now writing about music for a living, so my time is mainly taken up with that. It’s difficult to find an hour to spend on something that isn’t paying you any money, even if it is (and always has been) pretty fun.

So, rather than give up on it completely, I’ve decided to start a 3mins30secs Tumblr thingy, which you can view here.

It will just be dumping ground for videos, new tracks and bits of opinion, which, frankly, is what this blog was becoming of late. The only thing that wasn’t simply a video being thrown online was the Watch with my Mother’s Mother thing and that will soon be available somewhere else (yep, Nan got herself the equivalent of a major label deal after years with this penniless independent).

Anyways, hope you enjoy the new thing.

Love you, Michael


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