Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Britney Spears

It’s Britney vs. Nan, bitch. Not that my Nan (or Britney for that matter) is a bitch, it’s more a play on the popular catchphrase instigated by Britney‘s ‘Gimme More’ single. Anyways, it’s been a while since Nan and I spoke so I knew it had to be a big ‘un and you don’t get much bigger than a video that’s been trailed for weeks by an endless amount of teaser clips, totalling something in the region of about 3,210. The final version is a bit of a mess, with the first half like one long advert and the second half a blitzkreig of neon paint and girl-on-girl violence. Nan was, quite frankly, totally bloomin’ bemused by it all. Read on people.

I thought she looked good in the video, because she has had a lot of problems hasn’t she? I was quite surprised at how well she looked, which is nice. I watched it four times because the first time I was totally spaced out [she wasn’t actually spaced out, like on drugs. We think. We hope]. I just wasn’t getting it. I didn’t feel that the tune was very strong, you know, the song, but I thought the video was brilliant. I wasn’t sure where the kick boxing bit comes from, but, you know the whole thing was a very brilliant video. The connection to the song I found difficult to grasp though. There’s the meteor bit at the beginning and the studio and the wedding dress. I thought that was weird.

I think the song is about fancying someone. There was another song that used that “hold it against me” phrase wasn’t there? Do you know the one I mean? When it started I thought, she’s taking it from that song. It was a man singing it originally and it’s quite a seedy phrase. What’s she up to? I felt that the actual song was very weak, the song just didn’t have any depth in it at all, it was very light. The chorus was very disappointing.

I quite liked the space thing in the video, but it was separate wasn’t it? You’ve got the fight, the kick boxing, the wedding, it was like several different things all in together, but nothing to do with the song. Obviously there was somewhere but I was missing it. I think they were showing all the videos of her from years ago to try and remind people who she was [miaow Nan]. I couldn’t work out the business with the wedding dress because I know she’s been married before but it was a nothing wedding, wasn’t it? So why bring it up now? She was more school girl when she first came out and perhaps they were getting at how she’s changed? The fight against herself was probably about all the problems she had and she’s fighting them off.

The product placement bits were very distracting. I didn’t think it worked in the video at all. I got lost in the beginning to be honest and I enjoyed the video more as it went on. I started to understand it all a bit more. The advertising jarred rather but I can see why she’s done it if you get lots of money.

She certainly doesn’t dance very well anymore. I feel she’s lost something. Is it because of everything that’s happened and she’s just not the same person anymore? She looks a bit bored now and there’s no real spark. Do you think there’s as much reason for her to be doing it anymore?

I thought the whole thing was interesting but just not connected. I like the way they did a lot of it mind you. There just didn’t seem to be a connection to the song or to her really. I think it was very well put together and there was a lot of good stuff in it, where you thought “wow” and it gets really exciting in the second half. Unfortunately, it was as if she was in it but she wasn’t partaking in the video really, just things happening around her.

Grandad didn’t watch it. I thought it might appeal, but no. He liked Jessie J though.

Song = 5

Video = 7 I thought bits of it were brilliant


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