Oh blimey

Apologies. We’ve been incredibly slack of late and for that there is no real excuse. Plus, so much seems to have happened and not once did we bother writing some words about it. Forgive us? No? Don’t blame you really.

To try and make things up to you, here are some songs we’ve been enjoying of late. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them too? More than likely you would have heard them already and probably read so many things about them that you’re bored stiff by the mere mention of their names. This is what happens when you don’t update a blog for over ten days 😦

Radiohead – ‘Codex’

We like King Of Limbs. We don’t love it. It’s still at a bit at a distance for now. In the same way that Amnesiac was ‘good’, this is something to admire from afar and though there are moments of brilliance, as a whole, it seems a little too clever clever. We shall see.

Oh Land – ‘Sun Of A Gun’

Oh Land is a Danish former ballerina who now lives in New York and has recently signed to RCA. We went to a showcase thing she did (for ‘showcase’ read (s)wanky ‘party’ in some giant members club in London) and she was utterly captivating. She even had balloons as backing singers!

Marques Toliver – ‘White Sails’

Marques Toliver was born in Florida, moved to Brooklyn got spotted by one of TV On The Radio, worked with Holly Miranda and then moved to London where he’s been signed by Bella Union. Phew. His forthcoming EP is really very good and to these ears he sounds a lot like Maxwell with a violin, which is no bad thing.

Adele – ‘Rumour Has It’

‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Someone Like You’ are currently both in the UK top 5 as are Adele’s two albums, 19 and 21. Everyone seems to have fallen for her hard and this Ryan Tedder production is hopefully going to be the third single. The best bit is clearly when she squeals “bless your soul”.


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