Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Jessie J

It’s been a little while since Nan and I spoke, mainly because I’m a feckless moron and haven’t sent her any videos of late. She was of course gracious about the whole debacle and said she completely understood. Frankly, she should have shouted in my ear for being lazy and depriving her of all the lovely pop music. This week it was the turn of Jessie J to come under some mild scrutiny. For the uninitiated, Jessie J is a lady who sings songs in the manner of modern pop and quite a few people have said nice things and quite a few people have said horrible things. In general, Nan felt she was “nice” and “lovely”, and Nan is usually right. Let’s see how convincing she is…

I’d never heard of her before. I didn’t know her. I like her, it’s a very happy sort of catchy tune I thought. I didn’t know she was British. I assumed she was American, definitely [I explain about the Sound of 2011 poll and the Brit award thingy]. Oh yes, that’s nice. She seems very American but then a lot of people sing like Americans don’t they, have you noticed? The video looks a bit American too. I noticed that the money on the money tree was dollars, so that’s why I thought she was American. I think the fact that she sounds American works for her.

I thought the song was very light, happy sort of song. I quite like that. The message of the song is just that happiness is more than money really. I thought the video was clever with the money tree.  A very naïve sort of video in a way. The song is very idealistic too. It’s nice, quite happy and very summery. That’s why it seems so cheerful in this weather [laughs].

I liked the money tree a lot really and the big teddy bear. I liked the rapper man [B.o.B]. That all went into it well. I loved the dollhouse with her in too and the puppets. Her outfits are rather good aren’t they? I like it. She’s got beautiful eyes. She’s very striking looking. A bit Irish looking actually, with the blue eyes and dark hair.

The video does jump all over the place but I think it worked well because it’s such a light, happy song. It suits the song and went with it very well I thought. You don’t need the depth of a story with that song really, it’s just sort of light and summery. She does have a point in the song of course and we’d all like to be like that, except that you do need money.

The whole thing was almost like a sort of toy land thing you know, with the clown and the puppet, all in that sort of…thing. Surreal really. It was very young. The colours in it are very good and I loved her outfits. You could see an awful lot of Lady Gaga in it. People can take more risks now. After that meat dress they can wear anything! I just think it was lovely and outrageous, you know, if you’ve got the nerve to do it. I bet those awards shows are terribly boring. Can you imagine what effect it had there. If you’ve got the nerve, I’m all for it. You’ve got to be in people’s faces if you’re a pop star haven’t you? You’ve got to do something different.

I think she can make it as a singer, depending on what she sings really. I’ve only heard this one song.

Song: 7

Video: 7 I liked them both exactly the same. Very nice.


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