Cocknbullkid gets a bit miserable

Can’t pop music be a bit, you know, complicated sometimes? Take Cocknbullkid for example. First she’s Thecocknbullkid and makes electropop love songs with a melancholic centre and everyone’s like “she’ll be big in 2009, you mark my words”. Then, 2009 comes and goes, as does 2010, she drops the “the”, ditches the electropop and drip feeds out “taster”singles, one of which has a video and is available on iTunes (so, like, a real single then). But, here we are, end of January 2011 and we’re writing about what her label are referring to as her debut single proper, ‘Hold On To Your Misery’.

Said single now has a video and it’s an odd one. Basically, Anita Blay is in it as she’s the one doing all the singing and the holding on to the misery and there’s a small group of Anita lookalikes who do some dancing and wear bright clothes. Unfortunately, we can’t shake the feeling it all detracts slightly from the song, which is a shame as it’s really very good.

It’s nice to hear a pop song that’s honest about the fact that life can be a bit shit sometimes and yes we’d prefer to be happy but you can use the negative energy in a positive way. It’s like the saying, ‘when life gives you lemons you make lemonade’ only it’s changed it slightly to ‘when life gives you lemons make some lemonade but keep some lemons back to remind yourself that lemons are a bit nasty and that way you won’t keep buying lemons’.



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