Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Christmas Special

This week I had to apologise profusely to my Nan for not getting to speak to her sooner. What with a bad cold and various after work alcohol-infused outings, it was either leave it for a bit or call her up at 2am slurring the lyrics to ‘White Christmas’ down the phone. So, by way of an apology, I sent her the Coldplay Christmas single, ‘Christmas Lights’ (the video I had sent her two weeks ago) AND Matt Cardle‘s debut video for ‘When We Collide’. Below is the final Watch with my Mother’s Mother of 2010 and read on for a special Christmas wish from Nan to all of the people that have said nice things about this here feature. Merry Christmas y’all.

I wasn’t very impressed, it was a bit like a dirge really. I thought the video was tame as well. I tell you what the song reminded me of, The Isle of Mull [I think she means Mull of Kintyre]. It’s not particularly happy, I didn’t think it was very good as a Christmas song. There was no, like, “Happy Christmas”, there was nothing like that really. If you’re going to make a sad Christmas song at least make it memorable.

I just wasn’t impressed all in all. I liked some of the video and at one point I thought I saw Elvis going along the back. There were three of them in a boat and I thought that was quite comical, but overall I wasn’t impressed really. It wasn’t good enough for Coldplay I didn’t think, they do much better than that don’t they? I don’t think everybody can make a successful Christmas song you know. My favourite? Oh, what’s that old one, the one with that guy with the beard…no, not Father Christmas Michael [laughs for a long time]. No, not the white beard. Slade! What was his name? What was that song? They were so catchy weren’t they. I love ‘Last Christmas’ too and I like Elvis’ ‘Blue Christmas’.

Song: 7

Video: 6

Ohhh, Matt. I love Matt whether he’s got a hat or not. I thought he was brilliant and I love that song. I loved the video because it shows him going through the X Factor, I thought it was fantastic. I went on his website too and I really want his CD now. I thought the whole story bit was brilliant in the video and it showed how nice he is. He’s got such a range, I thought he was gorgeous. He was the winner in every single week bar one wasn’t he?

I love the song. I love it more when I listen to it with earphones, it’s so beautiful. Really beautiful. It wasn’t really until you sent it to me and I listened to it that I noticed it properly and it struck a bell. I was willing him to have a good song because I wanted him to win so I wasn’t really taking it in as much as now. I’m so grateful for all those ones you’ve sent. I’ve got them all written down in a folder.

I think people liked him because most weeks he was there wasn’t he? He was consistent, always something you remembered. Dannii did well with his songs every week too. He did a lot of girl songs, which he did perfectly, because he’s got this range. I play that CD you sent me all the time, it’s lovely.

Rebecca lost it with Christina Aguilera didn’t she? Mind you, Rihanna with Matt, I think he was “wow”, gobsmacked, don’t you? I thought it was nice and she did look lovely. But, oh God, later on, that was awful. She took that dressing gown off and she was just walking about with her bottom out. They did complain didn’t they. It was before 9 o’clock.

Song: 10

Video: 10

Have a happy, healthy Christmas everybody!


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