Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Take That

This week I received an email from Nan asking me if there was anywhere she could download Matt Cardle from X Factor’s live performances (!). I said there was (not sure if they mention it on the show, but apparently they’re on iTunes) but that she didn’t have the relevant applications, etc. This was upsetting, so, me being the perfect grandson, I downloaded FIVE performances for her, copied them to CD and posted them off, along with a Westlife album that was lying about the office. Truly, Nan loves pop music more than anyone I know. She’s also been to see my sister’s new house, about which she had the following to say; “lovely”, “cozy”, “big” and “bare floors”, which I initially assumed was a street term for “a lot floors”, but alas my Nan isn’t quite that Dalston.

This week she’s talking about the new Take That song and video:

[we talk about Matt Cardle for the first five minutes]. Yes, Take That! I love the song, really loved it, but wasn’t that impressed with the video. I just found it all really bland and boring. Oh, isn’t that awful to say about Take That? I just thought there would be more in it. I was expecting a lot more because it’s Take That. They all look lovely and clean in their white suits though and they’ve improved with age even though Mark still looks like a teenager!

I got the whole Progress business, making progress and that but I found it…I wasn’t impressed. I liked the pictures of the Thames through London. I liked the intro showing Robbie being back.

They were dressed like the University boys when they’re practicing. I think that’s what they wear. The bit where it goes into Mark Owen’s eyeball was exciting. I liked the London bits but then they end up going into the storm, don’t they. I expected them to win the race! I sort of took it that it was progress, but slow progress, sort of ‘winning through’ if you like. But when it’s like “learning how to dance the rain”, what’s that? If it’s meant to be about their career then what’s the storm about? If it’s about progress then you’d think they’d progress into something nice, the sunlight or something. Not the best signal to send out. I don’t know if they’ll stay as a five-piece. They can do it without Robbie. He might come and go as it were.

But I love the tune and it’s on my brain all the time. It was a bit of a departure. I liked it. It was quite deep. It’s one of those tunes you can’t get off your brain, but I wasn’t sure of all the words. I gather it’s about progress, but I don’t know. It’s all quite epic. People will buy it regardless I’m sure. I would think so anyway. [I tell her about how ‘The Flood’ probably isn’t going to be number 1 on Sunday]. Oh, but I like it, it’s a good song.

I think it’s more Robbie singing, but Gary’s there isn’t he? That’s because he’s back with them, isn’t he? I do like the sound of them all together, back with him. I did notice the difference. I haven’t go the last two albums, but your mum’s got it hasn’t she? I would like their new one for Christmas Michael, but I do want Rumer [I tell her I’ve already got that for her]. Oh really, oh well that would be lovely darling, that would be gorgeous. [I tell her about this week’s X Factor feat. JLS, Westlife and Take That. Palpable excitement ensues]. No! Oh brilliant. Well, I like JLS as well.

Did Grandad watch it? No, he’s not interested unless there’s girls bouncing around.

Song: 8

Video: 6 (oh, I didn’t like it)


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