New Music Monday

Goodness gracious. Last week we completely forgot to do New Music Monday. Genuinely. It got to Thursday and we were struck in the gut by this overwhelming sense of guilt and at first we thought it was because we refused to give our seat to a pregnant lady on the bus, but no, it was because of this. We can only apologise. To make up for it, we’ve decided to, er, actually do it this week, so here we go…


The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green

If you can get over the fact that the original, sweary version of Cee Lo’s recent UK number 1 is pushed to the end of the album in place of the PC edit then there’s much to enjoy on this follow-up to the sublime …Is The Soul Machine album. Though less obviously experimental, The Lady Killer pushes Green’s incredible vocals to the forefront, cloaking them in lashings of retro soul staples; Bright Lights Bigger City features lashings of dramatic strings, Wildflower sumptuous horn blasts and on I Want You the kind of cooing backing vocals used on Marvin Gaye’s classic records.


Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager by Kid Cudi

The second part of the Man On The Moon album series finds everyone’s third favourite rapper continuing his exploration of the proggier side of hip-hop (if one even exists). To be honest, we’re still listening to it as we type but it all sounds rather promising so far. Plus, it features people like Mary J. Blige, Cee Lo Green, St Vincent and Kanye West, so what could go wrong (we’ll let you know).


‘One Eye Closed’ by Cocknbullkid

We’ve been waiting so long for Anita Blay, for it is she, to come back with a new single and this taster for her forthcoming debut album (due in March 2011) is so good our iTunes says we’ve listened to it nearly 200 times. Basically, it’s got three components that make it our perfect pop song of the last three months; big drums, two choruses and heartbreakingly lovely lyrics (“I was made for you / designed as one of two”). Just amazing.


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