Patrick Wolf Parade

Everyone’s favourite pop dandy Patrick Wolf is back with a new single, ‘Time Of My Life’. Yes, it’s a cover of the Dirty Dancing standard and very…oh, no, it’s not. It’s a string-drenched paean to blind optimism in the face of utter heartbreak. In other words, it’s fairly standard Wolf and suffers at least on initial listens from being slightly too straight. We like it when he throws in some thunderous beats or combines those beats with that knack for a driving melody. Still, it’s better than almost all other things out at the moment (except Niki & The Dove, who we are loving A LOT. More on her/them soon).

Here’s ‘Time Of My Life’, which is due out on the 6th December:


One response to “Patrick Wolf Parade

  1. I thought this was going to be about an Indie rock super group. Disappointed. But not as disappointed as I was by this song. I thought that when Wolf resurfaced it would be with some Bowie style transformation, but no, Bowie’s capacity for reinvention seems to be the only thing about him that Wolf doesn’t want to rip off. Harrumph.

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