New Music Monday

We’re feeling a little sheepish. We were so tired post-Iceland that we neglected to do a New Music Monday (or any day) last week and for that we are truly sorry. We know that there have been protests in Paris because of it and the Government here have gone mad and decided to tax the poor and needy simply because we were too lazy to write some words about some songs. Again, “soz”. It feels a little pointless mentioning how well (or otherwise) things did two weeks ago, so let’s just dive straight in shall we?


The Fool by Warpaint

We’ve been pretty excited to hear this ever since the EP and frankly when we first played it we were slightly disappointed. This isn’t a reflection on the band, more a spotlight on our own eagerness for immediacy and obvious melodies. The Fool is like a friend of a friend who you meet and don’t think much of because they seem a little weird and shy but your friend keeps on at you about how nice they are and you trust that friend so give you them another chance and actually they’re properly amazing. It’s like that. But in aural form.


Down There by Avey Tare

Avey Tare, aka one of them from Animal Collective, may not be the one that everyone’s always banging on about (that would be Panda Bear – where for art thou second solo album Mr Bear?), but Down There is a brilliantly murky collection of watery beats and muffled, unsettling vocals nonetheless. Lucky 1 could have come straight off Merriweather Post Pavilion, whilst the brilliant Oliver Twist incongruously drops in a vocal sample from ATB’s ‘Fine Night Tonight’ midway through.


‘Get Some’ by Lykke Li

Sweden’s best pop star behind Robyn is back! Lykke Li made the lovely Youth Novels a few years back and wooed just about everyone who heard it, but the album itself was marred slightly by her cutesy vocals and habit of sounding like a small child. Well, that’s in the past. ‘Get Some’ is a feisty, horny (“wrapped around my finger like a lonely lover’s tongue”), drum-heavy slice of pure pop brilliance and can be downloaded FOR FREE from her website. Welcome back.


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