Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Willow Smith

This week Nan has been mainly entertaining my mother who came to visit with her dog, Enzo. You may remember there were concerns as to Enzo’s sexual orientation. Well, I can confirm – via Nan – that Enzo does have an eye for the ladies and enjoyed a nice playful run around with a greyhound from over the road. Nan said he was uninterested at first but when the other dog started “bounding about” in front of him he quickly changed his mind (we’ve all been there, right lads! Phwoar, etc). This week’s choice is the latest member of the Smith dynasty, Willow Smith with her R&B banger, ‘Whip My Hair’. It’s probably best to note that Nan, as a mother and grandmother, was upset about judging a 9-year-old, hence the slightly cagey response. I think we can all learn from her.

[The youtube video is down so click on the pic to see it]

Well, I’m amazed! Only 9-years-old. Well, personally I think she should be doing other things, but that might be my age. I would have said she was about that age to be honest. They don’t make her look too old, which is good, but I preferred the other video that came with it [she means the teaser video that has pics of her looking cute and young]. Did you see it? It’s full of pictures of her just having fun. Really nice. I did like that one because it showed you she’s still a little girl.

I’m not sure about the song itself. I think it would be ideal for all those youngsters, you know, with their little MP3s and, what do you call, iPad things. I think 11-year-olds or even 9-year-olds would like it, that kind of age group. I thought it was quite repetitive but then it would be at that age, wouldn’t it?

I don’t like the lyrics, about haters and things. I mean, what has she experienced?I don’t know what “swag” means? [I try to explain it, talking about bravardo and how you hold yourself]. I can’t imagine that’s important to a 9-year-old, but maybe if you’re American it might be? It’s more convincing coming from an American, definitely.

She is lovely, I thought she was so lovely. I’m sure she’ll go a long way. I think if I was her parent I wouldn’t want her doing that at nine, but it’s difficult to say Michael because I’m a lot older and nowadays, you know, people are different. Her parents are famous of course and her brother as well, so she wants to get in on the act sort of thing. I think she would have been encouraged and that’s fine, they know what they’re up to I’m sure. You should be with your friends I think.

The fact that she’s Will Smith’s daughter would have got people interested and the fact she’s so young. I don’t think the song’s got that much depth to it, has it? I thought the video was quite clever, with the hair colouring bit. I thought it was fun. The dancing was all quite good and I liked the abstract bit where it’s all over the walls. I thought the dancing was good, suitable really as they do that sort of thing don’t they these days. Very clever. I preferred the video to the song.

I think because she has got that background, they’ll prepare her for that sort of thing [being famous], but you hear a lot of stories don’t you? It really messes them up mentally doesn’t it? I found it difficult really, because of her age. I can’t really judge someone so young. I thought she was lovely, bless her. She’s so confident! I was sort of, well, I’d hide at nine. I was shy.

Song: 5

Video: 7 (I thought that was quite clever)


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