Let’s all lighten up a bit

In the immortal words of Timbaland, “it’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope blog to step to, step to, step to, etc”. Well, we’re back now. Iceland was properly amazing and hopefully there will be some kind of report up here very soon, complete with a handful of the 487 photos we took.

In the meantime, we’re talking Rihanna. Rihanna’s an interesting one, isn’t she? Good Girl Gone Bad basically set her up to reach Beyonce-level standards of pop domination and then all the unpleasantness happened and in one way or another that influenced her music with the darker, more grown-up Rated R.

There are large amounts of pop fans who feel like that album was some kind of holy grail and any thought of moving away from it is sacrilege. Well, we’re in a sales driven world people and the fact is Rated R didn’t sell as well as it should have so here we are with a rushed new album, Loud, the aesthetic of which is very much light, colourful and playful. One look at the new video for ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ tells you all you need to know:

The thing is, it suits her more like this. The old look was all a bit too emo for our liking. Plus, the economy’s fucked, the environment’s fucked, the Tory’s are in charge and Mad Men’s moving to Sky! We need our pop stars to be fun, not all serious and earnest.

Here’s the second single, featuring Drake:


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