Watch with my Mother’s Mother: Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow

So, this week was a bit of a long one for Nan. She’d spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the hospital. Nothing serious, just various appointments with Grandad for his (formerly, but now totally cured) bad eye sight. David Cameron, if you’re listening, my Nan respects the hard work the NHS do but would prefer not to have to sit for three hours to then talk to someone for 5 minutes and then get told to come back in a week. Mmmkay? She’s also been practicing with her new camera, taking photos of brilliant sunsets and various other grandchildren. Last week, apropos of nothing, she brought up Take That and their imminent return, so I thought it would be nice to get her take on Robbie and Gary‘s love song to each other. So, here it is…

I don’t really remember why they fell out really. I mean, it was such a long time ago, wasn’t it? I know of course that they did fall out and that they weren’t talking and there was a lot of sort of back-biting at the time, wasn’t there. I don’t know whose fault it all was. Do you think it was Robbie? The thing is I think, probably, innuendos and things, you know, which build up, and the media don’t help do they? Oh I liked the song, I love it. It’s ever so catchy. You find yourself…it’s on your brain afterwards, isn’t it? It keeps on, I mean you can’t get rid of it. Yes, it’s an apology, and regret about all the things said and not said. Erm, and all about growing up really. Because all these things, you make big things of don’t you and then when you get older you think, what’s it all about really. They’ve both got a life haven’t they. They don’t have to worry about silly things anymore.

I loved the little bits in it that made me smile, like the reference to the poster in Toys R Us. Oh, I thought that was great. I think that really narked Gary, that he had this poster of Robbie Williams in the back of Toys R Us, you can imagine can’t you? When you’re really peed off with somebody and then you go in and see that. I just thought that was so funny. I think it was so good to put that in because it was a strong moment, probably, and now they can laugh about it because they’ve grown up.

I mean it hasn’t got the rest of Take That in it, so it seems more intimate. Like he says, he can’t even remember what it was about. I think that’s what it’s like if you’ve got a bit of a…I mean, they obviously had a good friendship before all this otherwise it wouldn’t have affected them like this would it? I think it probably affected Robbie quite a bit.

I loved the song and the country bits. It’s not what I was expecting really, thought it would be more upbeat, but I thought it was great. I can see what you mean about perhaps people thinking they were a bit gay, because the video, the way they look at each other and that but then again, if you’re glad that you’ve made it up, you also feel like that. I think people would do that [make a connection to it being a bit gay], but I feel that that in itself is a bit tongue in cheek. I thought it was funny. It kept making me smile all the way through, little odd things. I really enjoyed it.

It’s the only one from all the ones we’ve done where the song and the video go together. They really go together, I felt that. Even just the name [of the song], because I think they both felt shame about how they’d felt about each other really. It’s a big love song to each other and it’s a big, big friendship, which you can get, can’t you? This song proves how deep it was.

I know about Brokeback Mountain, yes, I’ve seen it. I’ve got it here [in her study, with her other tapes]. Yes, I saw the references. But when they climbed up to that thing I thought they were going to do a Sundance and whatshisname business, jumping off. Yes, I could see all the inferences there, yes, definitely. That’s what I liked though, just the whole thing, I thought it was very clever. Up the top, when they got up there, they just grimaced and turned, I thought that was perfect. [Indignant at my stupidity] No, I didn’t think they were going to jump, Michael.

[Laughing] I thought Gary Barlow has aged better of the two actually. He looks quite nice looking. I never really fancied him before – I’m not saying I fancy him now, but you know what I mean Michael. He was a bit po-faced wasn’t he, especially when all this blew up and I thought, Oh God, he looks like a sulky boy. But I thought he looked really good in this video. Robbie’s got too many tattoos, he’s a bit over the top. But he’s got a lovely voice. Their voices go so well together, they really do. I felt that it was sincere because of all the little funnies in it, do you know what I mean? If it was just a bit of a plod you might not have believed it, but it was clever and funny and yet it was obviously a deep friendship. Like it is, if you’re really friendly with somebody, and they mean a lot, of the same sex I mean, you just get that thing of really knowing each other.

Perhaps Take That will go a bit country now. They’re fans will go mad anyway once they’re all together. Everyone’s going to want it aren’t they Michael. This will get to number 1 though [at this point I have to tell her it’s due to enter below Cee-Lo Green in the charts this Sunday. I swear at my Nan by saying its title, ‘Fuck You’]. Oh, is it? I don’t know that. Who sings that? I’ve never heard that. Oh right, is it quite good? Send me the rude version, oh yes, do.

Grandad watched it, yes. He likes Take That, so yeah he liked it.

Song: 9

Video: 9 (It’s jokey, but not silly)


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