New Music Monday

In between writing even more about that blasted Joe McElderry song, we’ve been busy summoning up a hailstorm of shit to descend upon you all. Harsh? Perhaps. But let’s look at the facts. So, ‘Hang With Me’ by Robyn entered at no. 54 on the UK singles chart. That’s thirteen places below a cover of Kings of Leon‘s ‘Use Somebody’ by Pixie Lott, twenty-four places below a new Maroon 5 single and forty-nine place beneath Olly fucking Murs. We were mildly appeased by the news that Body Talk Pt. 2 broke the top 40, but only just (it was no. 38). Maximum Balloon didn’t even make the Top 75, which only compounded the misery. We can barely be arsed, but let’s get on with it shall we…


The Hundred In The Hands by The Hundred In The Hands

One of our favourite things about this American duo is the fact that they’re signed to Warp yet their debut album is produced by Richard X, a man responsible for the Sugababes‘ ‘Freak Like Me’ and ‘Some Girls’ by Rachel Stevens. This album doesn’t have anything as good as either of those modern day pop classics, but it does feature a handful of very good songs and some that are fairly derivative but still highly enjoyable.


Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed by Neon Indian

This album by Alan Palamo, aka Neon Indian, was first released in the US late last year and immediately heralded as the dawning of chillwave. Apart from sounding like the worst music genre of all time (yes, worst than grillcore), chillwave is too varied in its influences to really be coherent. Either way, this debut – complete with a bonus EP of remixes by the likes of Toro Y Moi and Javelin – is neither “chilled” nor “wavey”, so there!


‘Undertow’ by Warpaint

Another ‘Single of the Week’ crown for this American all-female four piece. This time, rather than a David Bowie cover, ‘Undertow’ is the first single from their excellent debut album, The Fool. As with the album as a whole, it’s a song that reveals its charms slowly, building from fragile beginnings before blossoming into a jangly, haunting swirl of vocal harmonies and lovely guitar figures.


2 responses to “New Music Monday

  1. Which are your favorite tracks from Hundred In The Hands?

  2. I have to say, when I first listened to it I thought it was all a bit indie-by-numbers, but I really like the whole album now. Probably Pigeons and that one that sounds like Bloc Party’s Banquet are the immediate ones, but I like some of the slower ones too. I’m no good with track names as you can tell! m

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