New Music Monday

People, people, PEOPLE! Now that we’re regularly attracting a daily audience of at least a million, we assumed our constant bleating on about Ms Rose Elinor Dougall would secure her at least a place in the Top 75. But NO, you guys had other ideas, with your “we don’t pay for music anymore” or “we don’t like her music and it’s up to us to decide whether we want to get it or not and given we’re in a recession and times are tight how about you just leave us alone, yeah” excuses. Elsewhere, Everything Everything debuted at no. 17, which is none too shabby, whilst Disclosure missed out completely but we’re not too surprised really. Let’s turn our attention to today shall we? Yes, let’s.


Young EP by Summer Camp

Summer Camp, aka Elizabeth Sankles and Jeremy Warmsley, make ’80s referencing synth-pop that doesn’t sound brittle and cold. On this six-track EP they conjure up images of waiting for your date at the prom or spending long summers hanging out with your mates and falling in (puppy) love. It’s nostalgia, but it’s brilliantly realised and packaged in instant pop melodies, all keyboard swirls and simple drum patterns. If there’s a more exciting duo who are dating and live in North London then WE HAVE YET TO HEAR THEM!


Release Me by The Like

A few years ago The Like were a threesome (phwoar, right lads!) and made sunny ’70s-influenced rock. Well, a quick bunk up with Mark Ronson (who produces) and some line-up changes (one’s left, two have arrived) and now they’re all organ swells (phwoar, right ladies!), hand-claps and ’60s girl group harmonies. Half of Release Me is really ace and half of it is a bit samey. Still, that’s what iTunes is for right?


‘The Comet Song’ by Bjork

We mentioned this the other day and got our facts wrong about when it was coming out. Well, it’s out NOW so please go and buy it because a). the proceeds go to a Unicef childrens charity, b). the song has been slightly beefed up compared with the version on the video and c). it includes the line “Comet / Oh damn it”, which is clearly the best lyric of 2010.


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