New Song: E-40 ‘Spend The Night’

Californian rapper E-40 is now ten albums into a career that has seen him mix music with an entrepreneurial flare that could shame a Dragons Den contestant. Not only was he responsible for bringing a chain of Fatburger to the San Francisco Bay Area, he also opened a nightclub and launched his own line of energy drinks, called 40 Water. The man is so busy, he barely shows up on this stand out cut from his latest album, Revenue Retrievin’: Night Shift (there’s a Day Shift too, in case you were wondering). Luckily, he has some mates round to help out and the whole song is based around a brilliantly looped sample taken from Bjork‘s track Oceania. What starts out feeling like two separate songs welded together, soon makes perfect sense when those heart-stopping choral voices merge with the sing-song chorus. As E-40 himself said in an interview, “she [Bjork] don’t never clear shit”, but when she does she knows what she’s doing. Shame then that the video doesn’t match the songs experimental flare, it being a paint-by-numbers rap video, complete with club scene, gratuitous product placement and some bloke in a hat dancing in front of a wall.


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