New Music Monday

So, shall we just forget last week ever happened? It wasn’t a vintage one, was it? This week, however, is a bumper sized edition, complete with THREE recommended singles. It’s like that old saying; you wait for one good single and three come along at once, but only one of them really has a chance of success because one of them’s a ‘buzz single’ and the other is on a small(ish) label that’s only just establishing itself. Yeah, that old saying. You must have heard it before. Anyway, let us not waste anymore time, WE HAVE MUSIC TO WRITE ABOUT.


Surfing The Void by Klaxons

Klaxons have had a lot of column inches written about them in the small time since their inception. Let’s be honest, their debut album was proficient, temporarily diverting and had, at a push, three good singles on it. Things got a little out of hand when they won the Mercury Prize and everyone was either claiming them as the band to save ‘credible’ pop or another example of the emperor’s new clothes. Either way, they went off to make a second album, then scrapped the first version (there’s some talk of the label rejecting it) and now we’re left with this. It’s not that Surfing The Void is a total disaster, it’s more that it carries the weight of the three year gap pretty heavily. Everything seems second guessed and simultaneously over-thought and rushed at the same time, as if they had a burst of creativity for the first time in a while and just assumed that whatever came out of it was worth releasing. It has it’s moments – Echoes, Future Memories, Valley of The Calm Trees – but it lacks the vibrancy of their debut.


Mega Mega Mega by The Count & Sinden

The Count & Sinden are a right pair of DJs from Essex who have been remixing and DJ-ing for a while, but have only just pulled their fingers out and made an album. Featuring the likes of Katy B (soon to be pretty HUGE), Bashy and Mystery Jets, Mega Mega Mega (so (quite) good they named it thrice) is a fun, balls out dance album that takes elements of nearly every sub-genre of dance and has a right good go at it. Sometimes it doesn’t work – Panther is pretty woeful – but you can’t fault the lads for putting in the effort.


‘Wonderful Life’ by Hurts

‘One’ by Sky Ferreira

‘Waterfall’ by Rosanna

What a threesome that is, right lads?! First up are Hurts, the most stylish duo since Canon & Ball. We’ve had a fairly rocky relationship with these guys in the past few weeks, but we won’t go into that now. Today is all about ‘Wonderful Life’, which is, let’s be honest, a properly amazing pop song that features a). a narrative, b). a HUGE chorus and c). a video with a swimming pool in it. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? It’s practically perfect. The same could be said for ‘One’ by Sky Ferreira. A day hasn’t passed without us listening to this song at least once, which is quite something considering how fickle we are. If you’re unconvinced by this song then we suggest you watch the video and if you’re STILL not convinced then we suggest, politely, that you fuck off. Finally, we have Rosanna, a singer from Sweden who makes emotional pop songs about love and stuff. We went to a showcase of hers the other day and despite the fact there were about thirteen people in the room (one of whom was a charming man who kept asking where all the “sluts” were) and the sound system seemed to be underwater, it was a minor triumph. ‘Waterfall’ is an enormo-doom-laden-electro-pop-ballad-thing and it’s very very ace.


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