New Music Monday

So, last week was a clean sweep of complete losses with all three picks missing their respective Top 40s. Not sure if that’s ever happened before on New Music Monday, but like Stuart Williams from Bauer Media, we’re blaming the music itself and not ourselves for this oversight (for those of you who don’t get the reference – and frankly, why would you – Williams blamed the poor circulation of magazines such as Q on the fact that there have been so few good new bands emerging. Yes, that’s right, Q magazine haven’t been able to find any good new bands of late. Perhaps they’re all hiding beneath the Muse/Coldoplay/Kasabian/U2 press releases?). Anyway, let’s crack on. This week is not a great one, so we can genuinely blame that on the lack of good music.


Er, there’s not really anything out that we can categorically say you should buy. Or borrow. Maybe you could steal these?

Sun Comes Up Again by I Am Arrows (because he had the sense to leave Razorlight)

Hawk by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (because she used to be in Belle & Sebastian and no-one can take that away from her)


‘Ashes To Ashes’ by Warpaint

Warpaint are very good and this David Bowie classic is very good too, so what happens when the two collide? Well, as we all know, when two positives mesh we get something slightly less than the sum of their parts and this downgrades to a “good”. But a “good” is better than a “bad”, ergo we’re all winners. This is taken from a tribute album called We Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie, which is out in October and features Vivian Girls, Chairlift, Megapuss and, er, Duran Duran, amongst others.


3 responses to “New Music Monday

  1. Maurice Stewart

    Jeez, that’s one hell of a barrel scrape. I’d like to point out that Isobel & Mark have done some much better records together than this one ( and it seems Mark has turned her into a full-on vixen – have you seen the new publicity pics? Hubba Hubba)
    And Bowie is Bowie, obviously. As for Warpaint, still feel like a less-talented female-fronted Yeasayer, and i’m not giving the ex-razorlight gimp any credit as if he really thought he could do this it would’ve been out about 2 years ago. Instead it feels like the arse-end of a drunken argument (“I could piss out a better album than you, you just wait, etc) that went too far.

    Understand i lay no blame for this at your door – it’s obviously those idiots who could put up with Q’s perpetual Blandness no longer!

  2. It’s weeks like this Maurice I wonder why I bother. It was either I Am Arrows or The Hoosiers, although I’ve since realised the new Matthew Dear album is out this week and it’s very good. So apologies for that.
    I like Warpaint, although I will reserve judgement until the album. Well, I won’t, clearly, because I’ve already said I like them. What I mean is, this could all change if the album is bobbins.

  3. Maurice Stewart

    I agree there is slim pickings out at the minute, especially considering the single charts is now not only irrelevant to anyone over the age of 14, but ridiculously confusing due to the digital/physical release schedule.
    However, i do believe i’ve found a little gem. Little Fish release their debut album Baffled & Beat this week, and i Love it. A Duo certain to be compared to The Kills & The White Stripes, they have more vitality than either of those acts, and many more in 2010. While their blues rock template might seem a bit 2007, their infectious eccentricity set them apart. Check em @ Myspace and/or Hype Machine.

    Ps i voted for you in that Digital awards bizzle. Good Luck son.

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