No, Thank You Antony

We slightly overdosed on Antony & The Johnsons last year. At one point we went to see them twice in a week, which on the one hand was amazing – beautiful, crystalline vocals, perfect sense of drama – but on the other, it was all a bit, you know, much. Anyways, we’ve had some time to re-group and we’re excited about their forthcoming album, Swanlights, which is out on 11th October (and features Bjork!!!!!)

To whet our appetites further, the band have announced the release of a five-track EP entitled, Thank You For Your Love (that’s the cover above). The EP will feature two cover versions (a Bob Dylan one and a John Lennon one), a track left off their last album, a new non-Swanlights track and the title track, which is also on the album. If that weren’t enough, you can also download the keening, horn-flecked ‘Thank You For Your Love’ for free, simply by giving away an email. Click here to do that, or just stream it below. The choice is yours.


One response to “No, Thank You Antony

  1. Have you ever heard Antony’s GORGEOUS duet with Reuben Butchart? Seek it out – if it’s not available in the UK, let me know.

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