Ellie Goulding vs. Sky Ferreira

As music battles go, it’s hardly up there with Biggie vs. Tupac, but there’s been some rumblings going on between new kid on the block, Sky Ferreira and the practically geriatric Ellie Goulding. Basically, Goulding wrote a song with Frankmusik called ‘Wish I Stayed’, which was then apparently offered to Sky Ferreira. She then re-arranged the song, added some bits, then took some other bits away and then added them again, until the song sounded a bit different. Then, apparently, Goulding was all like, “No way girlfriend” and took the song back, but left in the changes Ferreira had made, thus recording a cover version of her own song. Or something.

Anyway, it’s all pretty tiresome, but the one thing that does come out of it all is that we have a new(ish) song by Sky Ferreira to wrap our ears around (?) and having EXCLUSIVELY heard some of the tracks from her album last week in A REAL RECORD COMPANY OFFICE, we can safely say her album will be amazeballs.

Anyways, this is Sky’s version of ‘Wish I Stayed’:

EDIT: Some people in the know tell me this version has been floating about the interpipe for over  a year now, so not only is this story a bit dull, it’s also old. HURRAH.


4 responses to “Ellie Goulding vs. Sky Ferreira

  1. This is wrong Sky has never said she wrote this song> Sky only covered the song she tells you on twitter >.people need to quit lying >.this is Ellie Gouldings song , so who ever started this lie needs to stop >it isnt fair to either>>..

  2. Thanks for your comment. I said the following: “Basically, Goulding wrote a song with Frankmusik called ‘Wish I Stayed’, which was then apparently offered to Sky Ferreira.” I specifically say that Ellie wrote the song, not Sky. There was a bit of a ‘spat’ between the two on Twitter, but it’s all been sorted so we can rest easy now.

  3. Does her album actually have a cohesive sound? There are so many producers involved that it seems hard to believe she will emerge with an identity. One is great, but it could be any singer – and this one CAN sing!

  4. xolondon- Welcome! Yeah, the songs I heard were all very different. I heard the lead single in America, Obsession, which had a Katy Perry feel and though catchy, was pretty dumb. There was one by Frankmusik which was light and feathery and another one that was built around bells and whistles and reminded me a bit of Gwen Stefani, circa-Hollaback Girl. So, to answer your question about a cohesive sound, I’d have to say “no”, but I did only hear the songs once and the order and final tracklisting hasn’t been decided. Interesting what you say about One? As her first proper single though, I’d have to say it would be hard for her to stamp her complete authority on a specific sound yet anyway. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

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