New Music Monday

Blimey it’s muggy tonight isn’t it? Phew. Anyway, most of you followed our advice and steered well clear of Richard Ashcroft‘s latest ego massage, the woeful RPA & The United Nations of Wank. The album entered at no. 20, which is still far too high of course, but it’s still a lot lower than he’s used to so that’s something. Perhaps he’ll learn some humility now. Of course no one bothered with the Mount Kimbie album, but that’s cool, it’s your loss. The Panda Bear single also did nothing and we have to confess, we’ve not really played it since last week either, so that’s hardly a great endorsement. Anyway, this is a pretty barren week so please forgive us (to give you an idea of the options, let’s just say one thing…JEDWARD! For serious).


iTunes Festival: London by The xx

This came out a few weeks ago but we thought it timely to mention now seeing as they’re favourites to walk off with the Mercury Prize for their astounding debut, xx. Off the back of the all this exposure, the album has climbed to a new peak of 16 and ‘Islands’ has been A-listed by Radio 1. HURRAH. This six-track live EP is properly great in and of itself, recasting some of the best album tracks in a whole new light, either by slowing them down (‘Islands’), extending them (‘Intro’) or dropping Ibiza anthem ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ into the middle of them (‘Shelter’). It’s well worth checking out and only costs, like, £3 or something totes ridic.


Sidetracked by La Roux

This is a compilation album with songs picked by Elly Jackson and unsurprisingly there’s a lot of ’80s dance on there (Japan, Heaven 17, Tears For Fears, etc, etc). There’s also a brand new La Roux recording, a cover of The Rolling Stones ‘Under My Thumb’ and you can listen to two minutes of it here. Seriously, such a slow week.


‘Melancholy Hill’ by Gorillaz

This is the sort of song Damon does so well these days; lilting, melancholic (obviously, it’s in the title), strangely lovely and very hummable. It’s also one of the better songs on Plastic Beach, an album we very much enjoy listening to, but there are times when we want everyone to just calm down and stop shouting. This song let’s us have a breather and therefore we like it a lot.


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