Hurts so good

When is a buzz single not a buzz single? That’s the question literally no-one else is asking about ‘Wonderful Life’ by Hurts. Basically, towards the end of 2009 ‘Wonderful Life’ was released to various blogs and ‘tastemaker’ type places and everyone went “wowzer, who are these two young men with slicker hair and even slicker-er pop tunes?”.

The song was enough to get them on all those new music lists and the stage was set for the first release proper, ‘Better Than Love’. Unfortunately, it didn’t really do the business (it missed the top 40 actually), so the label have resorted to plan ‘buzz’ and made ‘Wonderful Life’ the next single. Don’t be surprised if ‘Better Than Love’ now gets referred to as a ‘buzz’ single, such is the complicated nature of being The Next Big Thing.

Regardless of how it all came about, this new, slightly beefed up version of ‘Wonderful Life’ is still amazing and the new video is everything you’d expect from a band who already have a very definite look; buttoned-up shirts, silhouettes, cloudy skies, sleek lines, lots of faraway looks. Also, somewhat unexpectedly, the video features some amazing eyebrow acting from Theo around the 1:14 mark. Look out for it.

The bit where they all jump in the pool is strangely thrilling, is it not?


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