Christina’s Lost It?

Locked deep in a basement, someone from Christina Aguilera‘s record company is getting a good beating. Her recently released Bionic album has been such a monumental disaster that people are already suggesting she start recording a follow-up, despite only one single being released (that single, ‘Not Myself Tonight’, is being blamed for the whole catastrophe. It’s crime? Being totally shit).

Anyway, this is the second single, ‘You Lost Me’, which follows the typical Aguilera single release strategy, i.e., R&B banger followed by really thoughtful ballad about ‘issues’ and stuff. ‘You Lost Me’ was co-written by Sia and is a stately, melodic thing of tender beauty until the last minute and half or so when Aguilera grabs it by the face and rips it to pieces with a vocal so over-egged it makes Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Go On’ performance seem almost flippant.

Click on the pic below to see the video, which, frankly, doesn’t do anyone any favours.


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