Pointless post about a pointless poll

We love a good list, don’t you? They’re pointless of course, but they’re fun to read and it gets everyone slightly animated. For example:

My favourite films of all time:

1). Weekend At Bernie’s

2). Teen Wolf Too

3). Show Girls

Now, no one can deny that those three films are stone cold classics, but not everyone would put them in that order, which would then start a massive discussion about whether, in fact, due to Elizabeth Berkley’s barnstorming performance, Show Girls should really be at no. 1. Lists are contentious and divisive and this is a good thing.

With that in mind, here is a list compiled by an American radio syndication company, called NPR, of the Top 50 best albums of 2010 so far. Voted for by the people, it puts Gorillaz Plastic Beach album at no. 1, with American bores The National in the runners up spot. Here’s the rest of the top ten, with our expert, one-word review next to each one:

  1. Gorillaz:  Plastic Beach – “SPRAWLING”
  2. The National:  High Violet – “BORING”
  3. The Black Keys:  Brothers – “BLUESY”
  4. Broken Bells:  Broken Bells – “SNOOZY”
  5. LCD Soundsystem:  This Is Happening – “ACE”
  6. Vampire Weekend:  Contra – “PO-FACE”
  7. Beach House:  Teen Dream – “DREAMY”
  8. Mumford and Sons:  Sigh No More – “SHIT”
  9. Spoon:  Transference “COLLEGE”
  10. Sleigh Bells:  Treats – “NOISY”

Seriously, America, come on. Mumford & Sons at no. 8!? We’re not confused because this came out here last year, but just that an album of lightweight folk pastiches aimed at people who shop in Burtons does not a good album make. We would also like to draw your attention to some glaring omissions from your top 10 people of NPR: Flying Lotus at no. 14; Joanna Newsom at 22; Janelle Monáe at 24; Charlotte Gainsbourg at 35 and Laura Marling at 48.

Still, arguing with these results is like railing at the weather; pointless, frustrating and ultimately just ends with you getting pissed on…er…

This was fun, wasn’t it? Pointless of course, but fun.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a new Best Coast track:


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