Dirty Projectors & Björk save the whales

3mins30seconds could quite easily have been re-named WeloveBjörkwedo, but we figured it wasn’t catchy enough. Any new material from the Icelandic force of nature is enough to send us into a tizz of hurricane proportions, but when it’s paired with a band as brilliant as Dirty Projectors, it’s enough to cause a bit of a meltdown.

A few months ago Björk teamed up for a live show with the Brooklyn-based sextet, performing new songs that Dirty Projectors main man Dave Longstreth had written. Well, these songs have now been recorded and packaged as the Mount Wittenberg Orca EP and as of today you can purchase the whole thing and have a ‘whale’ of a time (ha, ha – You’re fired, Ed). The songs are cut from the same cloth as the Bitte Orca album, with Björk adding sky-scraping back-ups as only she can. Be warned, there are moments when the vocals arrive en masse and it’s enough to cause minor heart palpitations.

You can download the album from here. All proceeds go to the National Geographic Society’s Ocean Initiative.

Here’s the gorgeous ‘All We Are’ as a little taster (courtesy of Domino Records’ SoundCloud):

EDIT: We forgot to add that Björk will also appear on Swanlights, the new album from Antony & The Johnsons, due in October. The pair will appear together for the third time (Antony appeared on Volta tracks ‘My Juvenile’ and ‘The Dull Flame Of Desire’) on ‘Flétta’, which means ‘integrate’ in English apparently.


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