Hark! It’s the new Jazmine Sullivan single

Fearless by US R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan is, quite frankly, the bizzle ma shizzle, by which we mean it’s a very good debut album thank you very much. If you’re an idiot, you’ll know one of her songs from Glee, but you’re not idiots so that was a silly statement to make wasn’t it?

Anyway, as is de rigour with these artistic types, Sullivan has been out of the limelight for the past year or so whilst she works on the follow-up, due before the end of 2010. As if to tease us and get us interested in said album, she’s only gone and released her new single onto the interweb. ‘Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)’ is a Missy Elliott production (if you’re reading this Missy, give us a call, yeah? You still owe us a fiver) and samples about thirteen different songs (we could do without the Fugees “one time, two time” thing btw). It’s a bit of a mess on first listen, but Sullivan’s swollen, aching voice and a catchy little chorus soon work their way to the forefront. It’s good to have her back.

Listen here:

Download here:

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