Michael Jackson: still dead, still amazing

We did some stats re. Michael Jackson‘s death (he died a year ago today) that were meant for The Guardian but haven’t been used, so we were going to put them up for all to see. At the same time, we used to sit and watch Michael Jackson videos and listen to his music for about seven years straight, so the idea of throwing some (pretty dry) stats up here seems slightly perverse and, well, cold.

The other night, after a few glasses of wine, we watched about twelve videos of live performance taken from the 1980s and had it confirmed for about the millionth time that if you’re able to strip away all the extraneous stuff about pet chimps, dangling babies and sleepovers, he basically invented pop music as we know it now. Somewhat controversially, we’re also of the opinion that Bad is his best album.

So, by way of tribute, here are some pretty amazing clips of tour rehearsals and live performances that capture some the strange magic he was able to conjure up in an instant.

‘Bad’, live in Japan:

‘Man In The Mirror’ (taken from the ‘classic’ Moonwalker):

‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, live in Japan:

Rehearsal footage of ‘Remember The Time’ for the Dangerous tour. Ever the perfectionist, Jackson scrapped the song from the tour at the last minute:

‘Smooth Criminal’, live in Mexico on the Dangerous tour:

The music will never die, etc.


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