Robyn and gone

This week has mainly been about Robyn. Firstly, her album – the first of three in 2010 – was released on Monday, then we went to see her do five tracks in a record shop on Tuesday*, chilled on Wednesday and then watched her mash up da place (ahem) at her first UK gig in about five years tonight in London. Tuesday’s mini-gig was fun, low-key and slightly ramshackle (she admitted to not having rehearsed much), but tonight was the perfect way to cement her credentials as the best pop star currently making music.

We could carry on, but it’s easier to leave with examples of Robyn doing her thing. First up is ‘Dancing On My Own’ as performed in the Radio 1 Live Lounge. Stripped back to just a piano and a lone cymbal, it’s even more of a tear-jerker than normal:

One of 2010’s other great examples of heartbreak pop is Alicia Keys’ ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’, so, naturally, Robyn picks that as her cover, and very good it is too:

* We met a future superstar at the record store gig, but we can’t tell you too much yet. Let’s just say, she’s an “artist” and has the business card to prove it.


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