Cock n balls

Back in 2008, Anita Blay, aka cocknbullkid (she’s dropped the ‘the’, moniker fans) made a couple of amazing electro-pop tunes with some guy from Metronomy and all the cool kids in Shoreditch had artfully detached fits of excitement in her general direction. The buzz built to a place on the BBC Big in 2009 list thingy and she even appeared on the excellent Guardian Buzz Chart (whoever came up with that should be knighted).

From this pretty good start, things quickly went very quiet indeed and 2009 came and went without an album. In fact, all the stuff she’d been working on was scrapped and a whole new set of songs were recorded with the like of Peter, Bjorn & John, Gonzales and Liam Howe. In fact, just the other day, she tweeted that she was still working on the album and that it may or may not feature Diplo.

This is all very well, but we’re an impatient bunch and want everything about 5 minutes ago. So, it’s with great pleasure that we can bring you (via, a new song from the new album, entitled ‘Cocknbullkid’. Yep, it’s an eponymous track, like ‘Cleopatra’s Theme’, only mildly better. Gone is the cheap electro, and in its place are bouncing piano lines, horn blasts and lush backing vocals.


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