New Music Monday

The other day, this here recently re-launched blog had a grand total of 0 (zero!) hits. Do we get some kind of award? Even blogs about how to train your dog to juggle get some casual readership. We’re beginning to regret this decision of ours. As if to add insult to injury, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti did absolutely nothing and despite our best efforts, Giggs‘ peaked outside the Top 50 with ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ (if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know that this will possibly lead to some kind of Twitter server meltdown). Christina Aguilera and The Drums both flattered to deceive, with the former entering at no. 1 with the lowest sales for a chart-topper since Doves in 2002 and the latter entering at no. 17 with sales of less than 10,000. Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh on the fey foursome, but considering the acres of press and a Florence & The Machine support slot it’s hardly enough to keep Island happy. Anyway, let’s celebrate the new…


Body Talk pt 1 by Robyn

Yes, we mention her every week, what of it? Body Talk pt 1 is the first of a trilogy of albums to come out in 2010, with these eight songs being chosen because they were the first ones to be completed. Seriously, it’s that simple. Opening with the caustic, minimal Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do and ending with a Swedish traditional song first performed by Robyn during a Tsunami benefit concert, pt 1 does feel slightly thrown together at the last minute, but there are a clutch of perfect pop gems that form its core. Dancing On My Own you already know about, Fembot is amazing, Cry When You Get Older is a lovely sigh of a song, Dancehall Queen just about steers clear of pastiche and None Of Dem is bratty but brilliant. Oh, and Hang With Me makes us cry, but that’s because we’re incredibly lonely.


Thank Me Later by Drake

We don’t know what this album sounds like because when we visited our local independent music shop this afternoon, they didn’t have any. So, er, we’re sure it’s very good and we urge you to buy it should you be able to find a copy. Here’s ‘Over’ to prove our point (which is what exactly?).


‘Tenderoni’ by Kele

We were torn about which single to feature seeing as Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ is out (we figured that would be too much), as well as Kylie‘s ‘All The Lovers’, which we only mention because at the weekend we “DJ”-ed at an ’80s-themed party and yet the only song bouncing round our collective memory bank come Sunday morning was Kylie’s. Odd. Anyway, we went with this four to the floor club banger from everyone’s favourite Bloc Party member, Kele Okereke (or just plain old Kele as he is now). Perhaps the band hiatus has been good to him because not only does he seem less of a twat now, he also makes music that actually reflects the stuff he always claimed to be listening to.


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