Big Boi’s Mockasin of Lights

Here are three songs that we like at the moment and we figure that someone else out there might like them too. Hence the point of this entire blog really.

First up is another song from the interminably delayed Big Boi solo album (Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty as it’s known, will finally by out at the start of July). ‘General Patton’ opens with a massive burst of choral chants, thundering strings and that’s all before Mr Boi arrives to deliver a violent cascade of words aimed at some poor person whose crossed him at some point. WARNING: It ends with a very funny but very puerile ‘joke’ about David Blaine and what that actually means…

Next is a Micachu remix of one of the highlights of the recently released debut solo album from New Zealand’s Connan Mockasin. ‘Unicornan’ doesn’t exactly mess with the original too much, just adds another layer of psychedelic oddness. By the way, should you be interested, Connan’s album, Please Turn Me Into The Snat, is well worth £10 of your hard-earned cash.

Finally, we have another slice of lithe funk courtesy of Kanye’s favourites, Francis and the Lights. ‘For Days’ is all Prince-esque keyboard stabs, rattling percussion and Francis’ impassioned vocals. Enjoy it here, please.


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