Firstly, welcome to 3mins30secs, a blog about music. This blog is a slightly better looking version of a previous blog, entitled Musick. You can still read (or re-read) all the old posts if you so wish and a lot of the same amazing (ahem) features will remain, including New Music Monday and Friday Catch Up (if you’re new to all this, then don’t worry, there will be a lot more than just two shit sounding features).

There are some new elements to the blog, including these handy links that run down the side. If you click on ‘First Listen’ for example, you’ll find all the examples of that particular feature in one handy list. You can also sign up for updates, there’s a search function and a handy category cloud that tells you who we’ve been banging on about.

Below are the first two posts and to kick things off we’ve got an exclusive remix by Thurston Moore and a track-by-track guide to the new Mystery Jets album.

Enjoy! (And remember to change the links if you had Musick saved as a favourite).


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