It’s called ‘Born Free’ and it’s not what you were expecting…

  M.I.A. – Born Free by TheProphetBlog

EDIT: That link has died, but here’s another:

First thoughts – that Sleigh Bells collaboration is fairly obvious, but it sounds immense. Going to be HUGE.

EDIT: It now has a video (it’s a bit explicit, so be careful)


6 responses to “NEW M.I.A TRACK!

  1. Ha, there seem to be a lot of brainzos out there that think noisy automatically equals lo-fi. Also, Modern Lovers > MIA, Pixies > MIA, The Clash > MIA, but it don't mean her songs aren't still great.

  2. Kinda reminds me of Liars' "Plaster Casts of Everything" in the way the drums build and strip down occasionally. This is one of the more exciting tracks I've heard recently that doesn't do anything new, but does a bunch of tried and true things better than most. The gauzy reverbed/delayed vocals do a nice job of filling out the sound that's otherwise taken up entirely by drums and keyboard. Well done.

  3. The link is dead again….so sad.

  4. At least Maya gives credit where it's due!!! NOT what I'd expect from her, but not bad.. more songs to come I'm sure.

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