Tidy that mess up

In the world of modern R&B there’s been an obvious shift towards the dancefloor, with cheesy synths being slathered all over the beats. What tends to happen when extra elements get added to songs that already have a lot going on, however, is that things get muddled and we end up with one big fat mess. Sometimes the song can technically still be defined as a mess but be so good it still works, but there are also times when all the elements seem to clash and you can’t work out which bits a chorus and which bits the sound of your modem dying. Obviously, there are always exceptions to any rule and sometimes a mess of a song with no discernible chorus is still amazing (Girls Aloud’s ‘Biology’ please stand up).

But, we digress. R&B messes. This is a hot mess that works brilliantly:

The less said about Karinall Offishall the better. He makes Flo’Rida seem like Nas.


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