I’ll be there for you

We’re big fans of The Drums despite the fact that their youth and beauty makes us want to hate them as much as we hate Geri Halliwell. Unbelievably, the debut play of their brand new single, ‘Best Friend’, passed us by completely, which is quite shameful.

If you’re able to forgive us, here it is on a handy Radio 1 player thing (don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to half an hour of Zane Lowe, it starts at the beginning):

It’s not as immediate (or as good really) as some of the stuff on the Summertime EP and it’s a tiny bit limp, but we like the echoey intro and the strange looped gasps that you can hear if you listen closely, but the rest of it is merely ‘good’ and not ‘amazeballs’.


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