Belated Xmas present

The festively named Sleigh Bells deliver anything but beautifully packaged presents. They’re sound is a strange mix of crunching guitar riffs, beats and indecipherable lyrics all recorded at the wrong volume so that when you listen to them you tend to think your stereo is busted. If this all sounds terribly ‘art project’ and not much fun then think again, because the five or six tracks that are floating around the internet are all barnstormingly brilliant (the band are currently unsigned, ergo, the music is free to steal, n’est pas?).

The best of the bunch is the crunching ‘Crown On The Ground’, which kind of sounds like a Kelis record being suffocated by an out of tune rock band and then mixed by someone who seems to have been wearing boxing gloves in the studio. It’s also freakin’ awesome.

The duo have also contributed to the new M.I.A album, which is due out in the summer some time.


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