Eh? Eh? Eh?

It’s normal that big American superstars are awarded about six months of pre-release buzz in order to get everyone’s attention before dropping a ridiculously catchy, precision-tooled ‘joint’ all up in our collective grills. Weirdly, Rihanna has suddenly and unexpectedly announced that she’ll release her new album this November (it’s called Rated R, but isn’t a cover of the entire Queens of the Stone Age album of the same name).

This might have been preferable, however, given that the comeback single is so, well, ‘meh’. Her label have obviously decided that in the crowded Christmas market, what we really need is a Ne-yo-produced, mid-paced plodder all about shooting yourself in the head as part of some bizarre game of chance. Imagine doing THAT around the dinner table this year instead of pulling a cracker.

PLOT SPOILER: She shoots herself at the end.


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