Drums Not Dead

Dear diary,

Sometimes it just feels like there’s no point carrying on. Sometimes, when we’ve given all we can, we still feel that we’re not getting anywhere, like life just keeps knocking us down just as we’re getting back on our feet. Sometimes, Boy George beats you to the punch (and then ties you to a radiator) and you know what, it feels bad. It feels real bad.

So, we might as well mention this new band that everyone (including Boy George!) is raving about, even though it looks like we’re bandwagon jumping. Hell, we’re covered in splinters from all the jumping onto bandwagons. Anyways, this band, The Drums, are really good and you should listen to this, but listen knowing that Boy George got their first.

Yeah, it’s beautiful and atmospheric but it’s tainted. We’re seriously considering our future in this business. Do we need this kind of hassle, this kind of pressure? The only thing keeping us going is the knowledge that 20 people read this blog in Illinois and it’s for them that Musick exists. Thank you Illinois. Good night.


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