Of all the R&B pop stars to have emerged in recent years, Kelis is by far and away the most interesting. Having launched herself on an unsuspecting public with the almost violent ‘Caught Out There’ in 1999, she went on to cement her credentials as being marginally unhinged with the homage to hand jobs that is ‘Milkshake’. Recently she took some time out to get married (and divorced) and have kids, which means the world of strutting R&B pop has been without it’s brightest star. Not anymore.

Kelis is featured on the new single by Italian producers Crookers, who are perhaps most famous for remixing Kid Cudi’s ‘Day ‘N Nite’ single and helping it reach no. 2 in the UK. ‘No Security’, the second single from Crookers’ new album, is a clattering, dubstep-influenced slice of spluttering synths and weird gurgling sounds, with Kelis’ brash delivery riding the beat to perfection. It is, basically, the best banger we’ve heard since the last one.

It’s impact is marred slightly by a Radio 1 DJ talking over it. She does think it’s going to be ‘big’, which we have to agree with.


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