Robot love

If Musick were a dog it would be a pedigree, obviously, but it would also be like one with a bone. But only if bones were actually songs (metaphor fail). Basically, Royksopp’s ‘The Girl And The Robot’ is one of the best pop singles we’ve heard in recent years, probably since ‘With Every Heartbeat’, which also featured the vocal talents of the incredibly amazing Robyn.

Last Saturday Musick were guests of honour at the Ether Festival where we sat pride of place (well, 11 rows back) during Royksopp’s headline set (Fever Ray supported, but in reality she actually wiped the floor with the main act. She also terrified us to the point where we curled into the foetal position and started sucking our thumbs). Anywho, Robyn strolled out to perform this song that night and the place went all kinds of mental, and though this performance isn’t from that night, it’s still pretty fine.

There’s still no sign of the official video but once that’s done expect to see it here. As we said, a dog with a (musical) bone.


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