B.L.U.R who?

It’s been a busy few months for Mr Graham Coxon. Not only has he got back with some old band he used to play guitar in, but he’s also just finished a tour with Peter Doherty, who, it’s been said, has quite an addictive personality. Apparently, Doherty can’t stop eating Fruit Salads and if he’s feeling really self-destructive will eat ten of them in one night and then finish it off with a Black Jack. People in the know call it a Black Salad and it could kill a lesser man stone dead.

Anyway, Coxon has decided that now is as good a time as any to get back to releasing solo material after the nonsense that was Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, a record that single-handedly made us question Coxon’s right to create music. Thankfully, it sounds like The Spinning Top (due in May) is a return to the acoustic, more ramshackle sound he perfected on The Sky Is Too High or The Kiss Of Morning, although there is a concept involved (the album tells the story of one man from life to death).

‘Sorrow’s Army’ is the first single and is released on 18 April:

Beautiful. Dad’s are going to love this, the guitar playing is incredible.


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