Stith insect

Let’s be honest, as names go, DM Stith doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or stick in the brain. Luckily, Stith’s music is good enough on its own to have created a small groundswell of interest that’s seen Sufjan Stevens sign him to his own imprint, Asthmatic Kitty records, and a full-page feature in The Observer.

The music press is all about circles apparently, and over in the American Indie circles Stith is being compared to Jeff Buckley (I know, I know) and Antony Hegarty, mainly because his voice is arresting and has a tendency to fly from melancholic to joyful in one fell swoop. ‘Pity Dance’, in particular, is a spooky, creeping affair, helped enormously by this unsettling video:

Who do we think is in the bag? Robert Maxwell? Nasty Nick? The mermaid from Splash?

Heavy Ghost, the album this song is taken from, is out on 9 March. Click here for more.


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