Videos killed the radio star

Youtube is a wonderful thing, and having lost our Sky subscription in the post and what with freeview only giving us 4Music (LOTS of Lily Allen) and TMF (LOTS of Hogan Knows Best), it’s the only way Musick can keep abreast of all the best (and worst) music videos. Plus, you can also watch Friends bloopers, old Oscar acceptance speeches, a man eat some scorpions and an alligator rip a deer to pieces! Like, woah!

Here’s a really brilliant video for Royksopp’s new single, ‘Happy Up Here’:

How creepy is that? The bit with the death mask and when the car runs over that man!?! Cars driving themselves is oddly unsettling. The song is a real grower and has one of those repetitive lyrics that mean you’ll be singing “I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, la la la, wrong cheese, with the wrong fleece, la la la”.


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