Party like it’s 1997

It’s difficult to know what the make of The Prodigy in 2009. Everything about them smacks of the nineties, from their bullish, constantly aggressive persona to their Toni & Guy haircuts. Musically, very little has changed since their late nineties heyday, it’s all frantic, blood-pumping (and cheap-sounding) keyboard riffs with shouty vocals. At least when they did it ten years ago we could hide behind the sofa and pretend to be scared of Keith and his devil’s haircut.

Their one modicum of relevance is born off the back of the equally anachronistic Pendulum, who have single-handedly resurrected the ‘keytar’ and utilise some kind of dance version of slap bass. The first taster from The Prodigy’s forthcoming album, Invaders Must Die, is basically a Pendulum track with extra Dalek:

Really poor. I can imagine some old ravers really getting into it. But then they remember they’ve got work in the morning and a mortgage to pay.


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